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Live Streaming Video Now Working

The WCCA live stream video is back in operation. Thank you for your patience and support.

Streaming video isn’t working

Wednesday March 8, 2017 Due to technical difficulties the live streaming video at the WCCA website is not playing. We are working to fix this. Thank you for your patience.


HAPPY 30th BIRTHDAY ! Proud to serve Worcester as a charitable organization that stands for Media Democracy, Media Literacy, and Creative Innovation. Regional leaders of Public Access Television and Community Media To learn, create or connect contact us at 508-755-1880

WCCA TV streaming video is back

WCCA TV’ streaming video of our broadcast is once again working.

WCCA TV is now on channel 194

Charter Communications has moved WCCA TV from channel 13 to channel 194 in Worcester. WCCA TV now channel 194 not like before. Tell everyone you know to look for WCCA TV on cable channel 194.


Youth voices matter at WCCA TV 13. THEY ALWAYS HAVE TO US since 1986. That is why with the generous help of the Massachusetts Cultural Commission and the Worcester Arts Council and other Community heroes, soon to be announced, WCCA

Governor Deval Patrick visits WCCA

Governor Deval Patrick was a special guest of Mauro DePasquale’s on “Soapbox” Monday, Oct. 28th, 2013. The Governor was in Worcester making 2 announcements creating opportunity and growth for residents in central Massachusetts. At Quinsigamond Community College, a new general

WCCA TV 13 a community anchor for media democracy and creative innovation

WCCA-TV is the Public-access television cable TV station in Worcester, Massachusetts. WCCA TV 13 is recognized as community anchor institution for media democracy and creative innovation. It’s many educational and programs and services are systemically connected with a vast majority

OVER 3000 community TV shows and counting on DEMAND !!!

That’s right at WCCA TV when we say we are Worcester’s Community Anchor Institution for Democratic Media and Creative Innovation we mean it! There is no better quantifiable evidence to define our mission than to look at the amazing amount

Something on WCCA TV 13 for young aspiring artist

Do your children love to draw? Then be sure to tune into Drawing with Mark with animator, Mark Marderosian, as he teaches your children how to draw as they learn all about dinosaurs, the solar system and more. Drawing with