Katy Perry, Taylor Swift, and Sheila E. are Some Stars Along With Artists You’ll Want To Watch on These Three Episodes of Video Jam! Watch and Enjoy!

Katy Perry is in this one along with Zeroes/ Machines and Magnets,
*Raftree/ All the Time,
*Source/ Memories of Yesterday,
*Chance the Rapper/ Same Drugs,
*Alex Mills/ Be Somebody,
*Tim Legend/ Hope, Taylor Swift is in this one along with *Eighth Day Nation / Belong,
*Fire to the Stars/ Stay Down,
*Armin van Burren and Garibay/ I Need You,
*Jessie J/ Can’t Take My Eyes Off of You,
*Loius York/ Don’t Play,
*Bearson / One Step at a Time,
*Ansel Elgort/ Thief/

Sheila E. is in this one along with *Kailey Swanson/Country Love Song,
*Brian Kroll/ Flight Deck (Christmas in JULY!),
*Brian Kroll/ Death by Texting,
*Rachel Lipsky/ Bones,
*Steve Aoki/ Free the Madness,
*Malea/ Give,
*Nathan East/ Daft Funk