Hidden Treasure Update

On the latest episode of Hidden Treasures, my guest is Linda Kotsopoulos, owner of Nu-Tiques At The Barn, in Paxton, Mass.

She describes her eclectic antique shop with something for everyone! I have been to the shop a number of times, and you never know what you will find there!

Linda brought in an unusual antique for our viewers to see.

It was an antique Vaseline Glass Automobile vase, with its mounting bracket.

Linda explained that in the early days of the automobile, there was no air conditioning, ( Air Conditioning came out in the 1930’s)

So, someone invented the automobile vase, fresh flowers were put in this vase, and as you drove along, the lovely scent from the flowers, would waft over the occupants of the car!

These vases came in all sorts of materials, glass, cut crystal, china ware, and many more!

Henry Ford liked these vases so much, that he offered them, as an option, on all his automobiles!

It was a pleasure to have Linda back on the show, as a returning guest!

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