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Please Help WCCA TV with a Donation for the iSMARTT Center Project

HOW CAN YOU DONATE?   Read how below the image.

You can donate on our website by going to our website and choosing the options on that page.  You can donate by clicking the button on our Facebook page which will direct you to our website for donations.

You can, also, mail us a donation with a check to WCCA TV at 415 Main Street, Worcester, MA 01608.

OR, you can call and donate at 508-755-1880 during our office hours.

You can, also, come by the office to donate in person during our office hours.

Please help us with this great project!!


WCCA TV NOW STREAMS OUR BROADCAST ON FACEBOOK (Follow the following link or go to our Facebook Page on Your Own)

WCCA TV now Streams on Facebook Too!!

You can see the stream on our website, as well, at

Or You can see WCCA TV on cable-television in Worcester Channel 194.

Thank You, Keep Watching for new Developments!!

Imagine, IN WORCESTER, A Television Show with Live Audience Participation Being Recorded In-Studio and Being Broadcast on Television!! The new iSMARTT Center at WCCA TV will provide this and SO MUCH MORE!!!!

Please click this link to see a video about the iSMARTT Center Project:

Call 508-755-1880 or e-mail