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List of 169 Businesses That Have Been Circle of Friends Members — Your Business Can Join Too!!

Each of These Businesses Have Contributed to WCCA TV as Circle of Friends Members

Henry’s Copy Center

Addie Lee’s Soul Food

Adesso Day Spa


Alexis Grace

Annie’s Book Stop of Worcester

Appleseed Early Learning Center

Arcuri Moda Salon

Area 51 Auto


Arthur Murray Dance Studio

Atlantic City Casino Tours

Austin Furniture

Bahn Thai

Barney’s Bicycle

Bauhous Salon

Bay State Shawarma

Bayon Goldsmith & Loans

Bicalho Auto Sales

Binh An Market

Birch Alley

BirchTree Bread Company

Blush Yogurt Café


Boulevard Pharmaceutical Compounding Center, Inc.

Brother’s Garage

Button Tree Kids

Cabbay Transport and Camara Trading

Café Manzi’s

Caribbean Travel

Cell Medic Repair & Accessories

Central Mass Scuba

Central Rock Gym

Central Shoe Repair of Worcester

Chestnuts Café

Chic D’Afrique

City Jewelry

Commerce Bank

Crown Bakery

Crown of Thorns Tatoo

Dorcas Fashion

Dr. Gonzo’s Uncommon Condiments

Earth Aid

Ed Hyder’s Mediterranean Marketplace

El Patron Mexican Restaurant

Eric’s LaPatisserie


Fairway Beef

Fatima’s African Café’

Final Assembly

Fit Livin

Fleet Meat Market

Flowforms Yoga

Frank P. Fechner, MD

Franklin Square Parking Garage (Russell Block)

G & D Auto

George Russell Realty

George’s Coney Island Hot Dogs

Giangrande Auto Repair

Gimo Autos

Gold Coast Catering and Take Out

GoodWorks Insurance

Grace Family Dental

Greasy’s Garage

Greater Worcester Community Foundation

Greendale Furniture

Grime – New and Used Clothing

Guaranty Jewelers

Guertin Graphics and Awards, Inc.

Hacienda Don Juan Restaurant

Hair Louis International

Half Dead 1979 Clothing

Hangover Pub

Hanmi Tae Kwon Do Center

Harvard Pilgrim

Healing Hands Chiropractic, LLC

Henry’s Copy Center (pleasant st)

Hershman, Fallstrom, & Crowley, Inc.

High Heel’s Heaven

Hungry Coyote

iCracked of Worcester

Ilucion Party Store


International Restaurant

Invidium Salon

J.C. Grill

Jocks and Jills Collectibles

Joe’s Albums

Josiah Francois Collection

K Couture Consignment

Kasy’s Auto Sales

Kelley Square Pizza

Kenneth St. Onge Insurance Agency

Kirby of Worcester

Kutz 2 Kolorz

La Jolie Fleur

Lago Ristorante

Laptop & PC Repair of Worcester

Law Office of Hector E. Pineiro



Lincoln Street Insurance, LLC

LJ’s Hair Hop

Lock 50

Lucian’s and Lucian’s II

Mac’s Diner

Main St. Superette

Mary DeFeudis

Michael Gaffney

Michaelangelo’s Gentlemen’s Barber

Modern Concept Builders

Monrovia African Market

Morris Auto Radiator Co. Inc.

Mrs. Mack’s Bakery

New House of India

New Worcester Insurance

Nice Guys Landscaping

Ntrigue Salon

Olsi Auto Sales and Service

Original GrandMum

PACC of Worcester

Palace Realty

Papa George’s Pizza

Paul Wasgatt AllState Agency

Peace Art Sip and Paint

Pepe’s Trattoria

Popeye’s Louisiana Kitchen

Psychic, Palm, and Tarot Card Reader

Pure Juz

Quinsigamond Community College

ReMax Advantage I

Retirement Advisers

Rose’s Cleaning Service

Sahara Restaurant

Salon West

Salt & Pepper

Seniors Helping Seniors

Shen Yun Performing Arts

SIMS Metal Management

Smart Cuts

Spotlight Kitcehn & Bath

Stephen P. Welch Optician

Suney’s Pub and Family Restaurant

Sweejes Sewing & Design Studio


Talyta’s Café and Restaurant, Inc.

The Broadway Catering Restaurant

The Canal Restaurant & Bar

The Fashion Clothin/ The Fashion Kids

The Hair Market

The Hidden Jewel

The Pint

UMASS Medical

Union Music

Unique Chef

Vintage Grille


Vitamins Plus

Vizion One

V-Modern Furniture


Weintraubs Jewish Deli and Restaurant

Westside Steak & BBQ


Worcester Family Eye Care

Xsell Realty

Yancy L. Garnett, Attorney at Law

Ziti’s Italian Trattoria

Here Are The Poems from the Finalists of the New Voices Awards Poetry Competition — If you’re interested in helping us provide more programs Like This Please Donate to WCCA TV at (you can donate any amount)

The Finalists Include (in alphabetical order):  Peter Bacon (age 14), Mateo Carrion (age 18), Kathryn Ortiz (age 17), Manioli Percel (age 16), Madison Spoonire (age 19).

Stay Tuned to WCCA TV to find out Who The Grand Prize Winning Poet will be!!

Peter Bacon


But I’m getting a sense of Deja’-vu

I don’t know about you

Stay with me if you would

It would be great if you could

No matter how complicated it gets

Realize that I have no regrets

Because all I see is a reflection

In my eyes I use for detection

I’m starting to see myself

In this poem that writes itself

If you noticed, it’s a mirror

If you noticed, it’s a mirror

In this poem that writes itself

I’m starting to see myself

In my eyes I use for detection

Because all I see is a refection

Realize that I have no regrets

No matter how complicated it gets

It would be great if you could

Stay with me if you would

I don’t know about you

But I’m getting a sense of Deja’-vu

Mateo Carrion

Women’s War”

All the lies they told us,

That led to Cries, HOLD UP!!!

Clean your eyes! Bold huh?

Yeah BOLD!!!

Bolder than soldier with a boulder on his shoulder battling discomposure,

don’t quit because it only gets harder as you get older.

Women have all this weight on their back but it don’t stop them from pushing the stroller,

And 2 things happen,

Either their strong hearts turn gold

Or their cold blood gets colder,

trying hard to stay sober

but they just want the pain to be over,

she’s only 31 and her life has more tricks than treats than October,

cigarette holder she’s a smoker,

a stoner,

she’s smoking gas hoping it starts her motor,

but she’s constantly pushed down until she pops out her seat like a toaster,

this sweet cup of tea is sick of sitting on her coaster,

she’s ready to be fine wine sipped by an owner of a rover,

she wants a man to just hold her,

his name can be closer so he can show her some closure,

her lows can’t get any lower,

so she’s looking up like an endless elevating roller coaster.

Kathryn Ortiz

“Shadow on the wall”

No one understand the things I seen

The shadow on the wall, who is haunting me.

A man in black with bleeding red eyes,

Holding hands with a child in white.

Faces are covered and terrified.

You want it to be all a lie

Never wanting to sleep at night

Turn on the lights try not to cry.

Praying to god that tonight I’ll survive.

Monsters in my dreams

Trying to choke me

And won’t let me breath

Woke up scared with the man in black

Right in front of me

Telling me all the things he seen

All I beg for is to let me be free

Manioli Percel


I’ve been trapped I’ve been committed

Nowhere to run nowhere to hide

No more suicide I’m slowly losing my appetite

Been restrained way too many times but why

I couldn’t breathe all I did was scream and fight back

After that my life went back on track but I was way too sad

It got me more mad, more angry this anger in me got me insane and crazy

After they drugged me then it hit me but I fell on my face what was this place

I didn’t eat I couldn’t sleep locked in a room I’ll be out soon

The struggle is real it takes time to heal this was a big part of my life

This is when you said you’ll be my sight this was the sad part this was when you

Broke my heart you said you’d stay but you’re nowhere in my way

This was sad you were supposed to be my dad you were the only thing I had

Thinking violent because suicide is silent feeling gloom that’s the truth

Blood is red still wanted to be dead it’s not a phase it’s a say darkness is bad because

Of it I’ve lost everything I had life was supposed to be great but world is full of hate

“You do this for attention” is all that you mention why can’t I just end it is all that I

Question I’m so antisocial it’s like I didn’t know I’m always sitting in my room

I’m addicted to the pain I’ve caused on myself the harm on my arm no pain

I’ll let the blood drain all this madness all this sadness I’m so traumatized I almost took

My own life don’t forget your still mine but right now it’s time to say goodbye

I’m trying to be safe maybe this was all a mistake putting a fake smile on my face

Perhaps one day I’ll change I’ll change all my ways because I don’t want to say the

Same I wish you stood by my side instead you left me behind I’m so restless I can’t

Sleep there’s never been a promise you can keep

Madison Spoonire

“Soul Eater”

In the dark of the night, a little girl sat upon a swing.

Wondering when someone would want to hear her sing.

She sat in the dark, her heart open wide.

And all of a sudden began to cry.

No fun, no friends, no family to care.

She realized how alone she was sitting there.

A kind gentle heart was all that she bared.

That sweet little girl was lonely and scared.

A few years went by and that sweet little girl.

Had been gnawed and impaled by the cold hardened world.

Now she sits on that swing all cold and withdrawn.

The old self she knew was almost all gone.

She watched the sun set and she sang out once more.

“This life could`ve been great but I can’t try anymore”.

Looking into the darkness, this sweet little girl.

Let society change her and shake up her world.

This sweet little girl resides within me.

I know that she is who i wish again to be.

So let the sun come down, drown your sorrows away.

Before the moon comes in the darkness.

And reclaims your soul for all eternity.

Let the sun be bright as it always should be.

For when the moon comes again i will take it with me.

Society can hurt a little girl’s heart.

And make her believe she wasn’t worth it from the start.

There`s a shield and a mask, never to be unveiled.

In society no love or kindness will ever prevail.

Every night in the darkness that broken girl screams.

Is there hope for tomorrow? is normal all it seems?

Your body and heart are not yours anymore.

Without a shield  or a mask a sweet little girl.

Will. Be. Taken. Once. More.

This program is supported in part, by a grant from the Worcester Arts Council, a local agency, which is supported by the Massachusetts Cultural Council, a state agency. 







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Gary Rosen writes:
*Saturday, Sept. 10*. It is our *2nd annual Coes Beach Family Day*,
an entirely free celebration of all the improvements (including a new
bathhouse with modern bathrooms) that are taking place at Coes Pond on Mill
St. in Worcester.

Youth, families and adults are invited to this wonderful event which
features free hamburgers, hotdogs and soda.

More important, though, is that everyone will be able to, under appropriate
supervision of the *Mass. Audubon Society* and the *Regatta Community
Sailing Club*, use (free of charge) canoes, kayaks, a few sail boats, and a
duck-shaped craft, among others. There also will be swimming and face
painting for kids and kids at heart.

The entire event will be supervised, safe and fun for all. Last year’s
first Coes Family Day was a huge success. Your presence and participation
will make Saturday’s event even bigger and better.

We hope to see you there!


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Check the final show for this year’s “OUT TO LUNCH CONCERT SERIES” Featuring the JAZZED UP Trio.
JAZZED UP Has donated a number of their CD’s to benefit WCCA TV. These will be available at the WCCA TV booth at the common during the show. Stop by between 12 and 2 PM for fantastic food, and great award winning jazz.
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