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Here Are The Three Winners of the “Your Favorite Food” Video Contest

Lori Haddad with the following entry:

Homemade from my "Melting Pot" background and watching way too many cooking shows! 😃

Posted by Lori Haddad on Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Her Prize is a $100 Gift Card from Lock 50!!

Joy Rachelle Murrieta with 2nd place

Joy receives a $50 Gift Certificate from Talyta’s

The Third Prize goes to Dee Wells

Dee receives a $25 Gift Card from Brew on the Grid

WCCA TV’s Video Makers Clubhouse, A model for STE”A”M EDUCATION : Worth Checking out


spent a couple weeks immersed in intense educational and creative fun. In very brief terms students, under the instruction of WCCA TV staffer Adam Rice, combining the science of digital video communications with creativity and leaning fun, they were introduced, for the first time to: A professional -real world- television studio; provided with hands on experience with state of the art digital media technology; created old and new school story boarding; created and wrote their own scripts and film scripts (yes there IS a difference); they covered numerous television and film genres including dramatic and comedy treatments; experimented with camera composition, learned to animate images and create mood and emotion through visual effects and music; learned video editing concepts; worked in creative team; and more.

Plus our staff just had a blast watching these young people share in the passion of television and film arts.

Well done to all the participants and to Adam. More ahead at WCCA TV
VIDEO MAKERS CLUBHOUSE 2017 Be sure to look for upcoming WCCA TV YOUTH Activities registrations .





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Since 1986, WCCA TV has always bee a creative space and a place that has engaged people of all backgrounds in bringing the city to life through creative expression of story telling, engaging community television talk programming, music, dance, television journalism, dramatic arts and film/video making, public art and multi media works, and to exercise free speech. It’s a space for everyone to get engaged in the arts in an active way.
A diversity of thousands of people attended WCCA educational class and workshops, participated in content creation, our public events, and our programs are seen in Worcester and around the world on line.
We have added over 630 videos to the WCCA website Video On Demand library in 2016! ALL AVAILABLE FOR FREE “ON-DEMAND VIEWING” at . This would not be possible without such an amazing video-prolific community and also with the tremendous work and effort of our own WCCA TV Staff of professional video technicians and video production artist.
WCCA community projects and programs are seen around the world and we have many letters expressing appreciation of this from many different countries. BRAVO !!
There is no denying WCCA TV is an anchor institution that stands for Media Democracy, Media Literacy and Creative Innovation.

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Watch this Testimonial from Dee Wells of Future Focus Media — WCCA TV is a Community Media Center and We Train People as well as provide resources in communications media to People in Worcester and the Greater Worcester Area

Dee Wells of Future Focus Media Explains How WCCA TV is Import…

Dee Wells of Future Focus Media Explains How WCCA TV Training Programs Helped Him in His Career Path. Please take just 1 minute and listen! To Donate to WCCA TV push the donate button on our Facebook page or go to Also, you can call 508-755-1880 and make a donation or mail us a donation to WCCA TV 415 Main Street, Worcester, MA 01608.

Posted by WCCA TV 194 "The People's Channel" on Thursday, June 15, 2017

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Through the ismartt Center WCCA TV will be able to Better Empower Those Who Want to Learn, Create, and Connect!! The ismartt Center will be YOUR Center! A place for the arts, education, culture, and enjoying each others company as well as ideas!!

Imagine a place for live TV-Studio Audiences Right in the Heart of Downtown Worcester!!

A Place where community Events, presentations, courses, and workshops will happen!!

People Will Have Access to a Computer Instruction Room and Lab with 15 or more computer workstations!!

It Will Be a Center Designed With you, the people of Worcester, in mind where You can Learn, Create, and Connect in our public space or you can be directly involved in a program at YOUR Community Media Center—the WCCA TV ismartt Center!!  

Contact us at WCCA TV and Find Out How You Can Help Make This Happen!!

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