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The iSMARTT Center Will Be A Place You Will Want To Be

The iSMARTT Center (In-Studio Media Arts Resource Technology and Training Center) will be:

–a place to come see a show or presentation in a comfortable live-TV Studio Audience facility which may, simultaneously, be cast on television and the internet

–a place to learn new skills or just have fun with a new hobby in a new state-of-the-art communications and computer media training space –a place to hang-out with your friends and colleagues to use a computer on free wi-fi while experiencing a satisfying coffee and pastry

–an open and enjoyable place dedicated to having access to new communications technology, video editing software, and learning how to use the tools of 21st century media communications technology.

 If all of this sounds appealing to you, then join us in making the iSMARTT Center happen. You can volunteer to help us as a fundraising ambassador and donate what you can to the project.

If you’re interested call me, Joseph, at 508-755-1880 (ext. 119) or e-mail me at I would love to hear from you!!

Watch this fun video: You’ll see a spoof of late night TV called “Too Damn Late,” a rap video including a fancy car and floating dollar bills, and a little horror flick

If you’re interested in our VideoMaker’s Clubhouse for youth please call us at 508-755-1880 or e-mail Joseph at   Please consider a donation to WCCA TV to help us pay for these youth programs.  

Do you Like Indie and Mainstream Rock? Then watch Video Jam!!!!!! This program is a music video show produced by our Tracy Foley at WCCA TV!!

This episode of Video Jam includes:  *Snuttock/ Attention,  *Nicky Romero/ Take Me,
*Roses for Ghosts/ Beauty’s Sweetest Dress,
*Aaron Orbit/ Agua Mala,
*Daniel Correa/ Don’t Stop,
*Xavier Toscano/ Runaway,
*Philly K and Madi Rindge/ California,
*My Silent Bravery (Matt Schwachman of Worc) / Warning Signs