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Urgent — We’re Trying to Raise Funds to Sponsor Low-Income Youth in our Video Maker’s Clubhouse Summer Program (Program Starts July 31st)

We have several youth who are unable to afford to join the Summer Youth Program — Video Maker’s Clubhouse. As a result, we’re asking for some help to fund, at least, two more of these youth. The program is July 31st. So, we have limited time to get these youth in the program!! 

We want to make this program available to youth of all incomes. Please help provide scholarships to low-income and underprivileged youth. 

Last Summer, WCCA TV began a program called the Video Maker’s Clubhouse. It is a great program where young people between the ages of 13-18 come to WCCA TV for 4 days a week and 4 consecutive weeks. Youth learn about how to plan, set-up, and create video projects in a professional television studio production environment while having an enjoyable project-based summer program before the school year starts. It was a great program last year, and the youth made some entertaning videos for the community to watch. 

Unfortunately, there were far too many youths who were unable to participate due to the cost last year. This kind of program is expensive to operate, and, thus, WCCA TV had to request families contribute to the cost of the program in order to have their youth participate. This year the cost for 1 youth wil be $650, in total, to be in the program. Based on the number of families who said they could not afford that much, WCCA TV is seeking assistance to pay for scholarships of youth to participate in the program this year.

With this in mind, I’m asking for donations to cover the costs of some great kids to be in the program. WCCA TV is recruiting underprivileged youth from organizations like the Worcester Youth Center, The Worcester Community Action Council, Boys and Girls Club, and Girls, Inc. in order to reach out to youth from low to moderate income families. We will make a list of contributors known to the public, and videos made by the youth that are distributed on WCCA TV will have the contributors listed. Anyone who contributes $650 or higher will be given special recognition and the youth will be informed that your contribution paid for their ability to be in the program.

To make your donation go to our Facebook Fundraiser, our online donation website (specify purpose of donation), or contact us at 508-755-1880.

 Thank you!

Joy Rachelle Murrieta is the winner of the Tuesday, July 11th Worcester in Ten video contest Daily Prize!!

"What I ❤️ most about Worcester is that it's full of POTENTIAL, and full of people who BELIEVE in that potential–and I'm happy to be one of the many people in the city working to ACTUALIZE that potential." #whyiloveworcester #woolove #worcesterMA

Posted by Joy Rachelle Murrieta on Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Joy wrote the following:  “What I ❤️ most about Worcester is that it’s full of POTENTIAL, and full of people who BELIEVE in that potential–and I’m happy to be one of the many people in the city working to ACTUALIZE that potential.” #whyiloveworcester#woolove #worcesterMA

Annie Elizabeth is the winner of the Worcester in Ten Video Contest for July 10th!

I love that Worcester shows up when it counts! League of Just Us

Posted by Annie Elizabeth on Monday, July 10, 2017

She wrote:  “I love that Worcester shows up when it counts! League of Just Us”

Today is the Day!! Worcester in Ten Begins!! Submit your 10 second video about Worcester!

You can enter by going to or by going to the Worcester in Ten Facebook Event Page.

Worcester in Ten ….

Posted by Joseph S. Townsend on Monday, July 10, 2017