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First, there was a Snow Ghost on top of a Silver Mountain. Now that ghost is your community host.
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"Snow Ghost" on "Space Ghost Coast to Coast"

Posted August 12th 2010 5:10pm
Remix of a remix. "Space Ghost Coast to Coast" is a late night cartoon talk show that aired on Cartoon Network in the 90s and featured characters from the 60s Hanna-Barbera cartoon "Space Ghost." I've taken the Gilligan's Island episode of SGC2C and remixed it so that it features Mauro DePasquale and Bruce "Snow Ghost" Russell, personalities from WCCA TV 13, a public access station in Worcester, MA.

Snow Ghost #24: Finale

Posted December 15th 2008 10:12am
In this, the final episode of the Community Show, Bruce and Mike take a look back.

Tracy Novick of the Greater Worcester Land Trust takes us on a hike through Cascading Waters. Shelley Williamson of Pleasant Street Baptist Church tells the story of her mission trip to Poland.

. Worcester, Massachusetts, July 9-12, 2008.

Snow Ghost Community Show #21: Mystery Band

Posted October 27th 2008 10:40am
The Snow Ghost Community Show is proud to present video and audio from Worcester Mystery Band 2008. Here's how Jacob Berendes described Mystery Band in 2007: mystery band is a worcester activity in which everyone who is interested in being in a band submits their name and contact information (and any previous musical experience) to a central organizer, who then organizes the list of people into however many five or six person bands. these bands are given a certain amount of time (usually 2 months) to have a few practices and write between 5 and 20 minutes of original material that is not a waste of everybody's time. improvisation is prohibited. participants need not have any prior musical experience, just the desire to be in a band and the ability to step up. mystery band culminates in a series of shows for all the bands that pulled it off.

Snow Ghost Community Show #20: Bone Zone

Posted September 9th 2008 1:00pm
from this show. (This audio is cleaner but less-fun than the audio used on the video.) The cablecast version of this program is followed by Stephen Fry's Happy Birthday to GNU and I Can't Give You Anything But Love.

A documentary about the interactive public sculture installation "Hang Out Your Creative Laundry," held at Worcester's Elm Park August 15, 2008. Includes interviews with Susan Champeny, Mihoko Wakabayashi, Casey Burns, Dan Burke, Dante Comparetto, Jacob Berendes, Asa, and Pogo.

Snow Ghost #18: American Antiquarian Society

Posted July 31st 2008 5:53pm
A video tour of the American Antiquarian Society in Worcester, Massachusetts.

Bruce and Mike visit Start In The Park, an art festival held in Worcester June 1, 2008. They talk with Andrea Ajemian, Nik Perry, and Kelley Parsons about "making your own fun." Topics include boy bands, "We Got the Beat," the new sincerity, bike lanes, and the Road to the Metal Kingdoms.

Snow Ghost #16: Food

Posted March 10th 2008 3:06pm
Rachel Hamilton and Allison Vasallo share some vegan food.

Video Jam #501: Snow Ghost interview

Posted March 4th 2008 11:49am

This episode of Video Jam includes an interview with the Snow Ghost!

Video: Download the mp4 video (5MB) or see other formats.

Eastern Conference Champions: The Box

Shelby Lynne: Anyone Who Had a Heart

Foals: Balloons

Ferras: Hollywood's Not America

The Brunettes: B-A-B-Y

Tim McGraw: Susupicious

Chemical Bros.: Salmon Dance


Snow Ghost #15: Bruce's Pastor

Posted February 25th 2008 8:16am
A conversation with Bruce's pastor at Worcester's Pleasant Street Baptist Church.