TV vs Public Access Community TV ( Looking at a Fundamental Difference)

A look at one but very important fundamental difference:

Traditional commercial TV stations exist solely to profit from a value system that is centered upon building PRODUCT.
That PRODUCT is “audience” ( to sell to advertising brokers ).


Public Access Community TV ( as in Worcester’s WCCA TV 13 for instance) solely exist to serve community needs from a value system that is centered upon building COMMUNITY through electronic media ( a place opened for all to participate, share news, culture, heritage, niche programs, become a stake holder, a place for members of the community to avail themselves to programming that empowers them to LEARN, CREATE and CONNECT ).

Comparative evaluations at any level and of any type are NOT going to be valid without first acknowledging this fundamental difference.

Support WCCA TV 13 “The People’s Channel” Community Public Access Television FOR WORCESTER.