When most of us get the tin cup, THEY get the platinum plate. These guys grab a $420 Million-taxpayer-subsiddized-refund

What tha what tha! ?

AT&T paid no tax in 2011 ? ? ? According to “STOP THE CAP” article.
At a time when most of are given the tin cup and told to go beg, THEY (AT&T) get the platinum padded plate. The CEO there gets 18.7 million and the company received a $420 Million tax refund in 2011 as the article reported. I guess all the power to them. After all, their main objective is to make their own wallets fat. However, during these supposedly “tough economic times” while it appears that the people’s voices are slowly being muted by mainstream media, scarce public access funding, greedy corporate broadband control and yes, even in a climate where government deregulation is all the vogue along with backroom deals, when many non-profits are forced to seek and beg for donations, and such, this is the type of news that slaps most people square in the face.