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  • WCCA TV is wherever YOU are…

    WCCA TV is cable casting on Charter Cable Channel 194 in Worcester. Also view us online at: This website or FaceBook.com/WCCATV TWITTER @WCCATV Instagram WCCATV YOUTUBE: WCCA TV 194 Worcester Enjoy !

  • OVER 3000 community TV shows and counting on DEMAND !!!

    That’s right at WCCA TV when we say we are Worcester’s Community Anchor Institution for Democratic Media and Creative Innovation we mean it! There is no better quantifiable evidence to define our mission than to look at the amazing amount or community media and Television production, programs and activities going on at TV 13. TV […]

  • Something on WCCA TV 13 for young aspiring artist

    Do your children love to draw? Then be sure to tune into Drawing with Mark with animator, Mark Marderosian, as he teaches your children how to draw as they learn all about dinosaurs, the solar system and more. Drawing with Mark is seen weekly on WCCA TV Channe13 on Sundays at 2pm. WCCA TV 13 […]

  • Slot Parlor/Hotel in Worcester: Are you FOR or AGAINST it? Come to TV 13’s open mic

    Slot Parlor/Hotel in Worcester: Are you FOR or AGAINST it? Come to our open mic let’s hear your opinion we want to hear the pros and cons of opening a slots parlor/hotel in Worcester. This will be held on Tuesday, May 7 from 3:30-5:00 PM at WCCA TV 13 studios at 415 Main Street. WCCA […]

  • Mauro DePasquale, WCCA TV’s Executive Director comments regarding our filing with the City Council

    WCCA TV filed an abridged version of it’s comprehensive Community Media Needs Assessment Report with the City Council, on Tuesday evening, February 26, 2013. WCCA’s Executive Director made a brief comment about the report and the petitions that were submitted by TV 13. We share the following from his printed comment. “To the City Council: […]

  • “Twelve Days of WCCA TV Christmas”

    Sung to the tune ” Twelve Days Of Christmas” Written by John Simakauskas : On the first day of Christmas, my true love watched with me An episode of Soapbox on tv. > On the second day of Christmas, my true love watched with me Video Jam, And an episode of Soapbox on tv. > […]

  • PBS and PUBLIC ACCESS both important

    Recently WCCA made an appeal for increased funding. This appeal was made on behalf of YOU Worcester, our community members, and those members include anyone that resides, works or is a student in Worcester. Recently the FCC has also been looking at the way public broadcasting companies such as PBS is funded. While it may […]

  • Another TV 13 public access local community mile stone

    WCCA TV 13, “The People’s Channel”, the non-profit public access television station and media center proudly announces the station’s website now has 2,500 WCCA community produced videos available for “on demand” convenient viewing at wccatv.com/video and this number is growing daily. These video can also be viewed at link as well. Among the 2,500 local […]


    Still time to nominate the person you believe should win the Father Michael Bafaro Humanitarian Award 2012. Nomination Form NOMINATION PROCESS: To be considered for the 2012 Fr. Bafaro Lifetime Achievement Award, an official Nomination Form must be completed and submitted by June 15, 2012 as described below. Nominations must include contact information for both […]

  • Who is ” A BEACON OF HOPE” ? WCCA is

    “We had a fun interview with the owners of FUNKY STUFF a really cool new art store and more, in Worcester. Here’s what they have to say to our station manager Tracy Foley, about WCCA TV public access. And yes, we’re proud! Dear Tracy Foley, Thank you so much for having us on WCCA TV13! […]