It is important to know, we do not get Corporation for Public Broadcasting dollars like PBS stations.  Instead, we rely on a small percentage of revenue from local cable profits which is given to the City of Worcester that is split up between the government channel, the school channel, and us; the Community-Access Channel.  In the last few years, our expenses have increased, but our revenue from the City of Worcester has not kept pace with these increases in cost.  Although we’ve managed to cut some corners and do best with what we’ve had, this has not been enough to deal with the budgetary challenges.  There is only so much we can cut before we begin decreasing service to the community of Worcester.  This may mean less educational courses for youth. We know you don’t want this to happen.  Therefore, we’re asking you to give a little to WCCA TV 13 and join our 13 club.  The 13 club is where individuals give donations in multiples of 13 to channel 13.  You can give as little as 13 dollars and as high in multiples of 13 as you wish (table below).  If you give us a donation in multiples of 13, we’ll provide you with documentation for your taxes, a listing on our 13 club members list, and a thank you gift (such as a WCCA TV 13 coffee mug or t-shirt).  Of course, the greatest reward will be knowing that you have helped your community by helping your community access television station.

Please send your check to WCCA TV  at 415 Main Street, Worcester, MA. 01608.   Also, you can make your donation on our website at http://www.wccatv.com/donate, or you can call us at 508-755-1880 to make a credit card payment over the phone.  Your help is greatly appreciated!  (chart below)

$13  X  1= $13
$13 X  2= $26
$13 X 3= $39
$13 X 4= $52
$13 X 5= $65
$13 X 6= $78
$13 X 7= $91
$13 X 8= $104
$13 X 9= $117
$13 X 10= $130
$13 X 20= $260
$13 X 40= $520