1. Our mission is centered upon empowering those who reside, study or work in Worcester and beyond.
2. Since 1986, WCCA TV continues to be a COMMUNITY ANCHOR INSTITUTION for MEDIA DEMOCRACY and CREATIVE INNOVATION. WCCA is a 501(c)(3) Charitable organization. Our life line funding does not come from City tax coffers, we are funded through the Cable Franchise License provisions. This is money which is derived from the cable company’s gross annual revenues. WCCA TV is a well recognized as a regional leader in the North East.
3.WCCA TV is TV, BY, FOR and OF the PEOPLE. Not only do we serve as a cable and web channel presenting local originated, community produced video content, WCCA is systemically connected throughout our city, as it facilitates a free flow of LOCAL news and information connecting people, organizations, business, and all aspects of our urban environment.
4.WCCA serves as a school of communications technology and hands on learning. Our partners come from throughout our City and include numerous organizations, public and private, individuals and groups. WCCA continually builds bridges as the PLACE TO: LEARN, CREATE, and CONNECT. Every day we are connecting viewers to local information events, news, and resources they can use to their own benefit. Everyday our members are actively producing, in their own voices, creating and sharing content, personal interest, views, opinions, organizational messages, events, arts and culture, Ethnic heritage, religious beliefs, and educational information.
5. Our partners include: colleges; businesses; individuals; municipalities; Federal and State Officials; Health and Wellness Communities; youth organizations; private and public educational institutions; local artist and musicians; students; Religious groups; activist; social service networks; other charitable institutions; and more.
6.WCCA TV has pioneered cutting edge digital communications as it places it in the hands of the people.
7.Access to WCCA TV facilities, studios, equipment, and programming is available on a NON-DISCRIMINATORY basis.
8.The vast majority of the programs seen on WCCA TV 13 and also on, are created by citizens like you.
9.WCCA offers many affordable educational and learning programs, classes, workshops, and internships, covering the scope of TV production and TV journalism . For more information contact the station.
10.WCCA TV operations, policies and procedures, and facility management relies strongly upon the voice of the people, it’s members. We conduct regular surveys, membership[ meeting, and community media needs assessments.
11.WCCA TV is: public access/community media center; a place for easy, fun and creative innovation, a place that supports economic and community development; a place to play and enjoy experiential learning; a place where you can participate in educational activities; a community hub, adding life to the center of our down town.
12.To learn more about WCCA visit our website or simply call us or walk in.
Share your vision with us today. Take advantage of the strategic benefits at WCCA TV designed to EMPOWER YOU.

We count on your support. Stand tall with us as we work to renew our commitment to serve and empower all in our community for the next ten years.
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