YOUTH and MUSIC at WCCA this week

WCCA TV participated in, as well as videotaped, the Youth Summit held at City Hall. about 60 people attended this event. City Councilor Saria Rivera sought input from the community. The challenges facing youth are many from racial, poverty, health disparities, and lack of communication. WCCA TV plays a vital role in helping our young people to overcome these issues. TV 13 currently struggles with our budget to provide an affordable means for youth and youth organizations to: outreach; to build meaningful connections with parents and the community; to be empowered; and participate through their OWN voices; and to share their own stories. However, we can not do it alone, we rely on our community partners and our cable franchise funding to continue the work we have been doing since 1986. We applaud the initiative.

ALso this week WCCA TV’s BandEdge, Worcester’s number one live music TV show, shoots Rock Tail Renditions for some 60 style rock fun.
Thanks to our WCCA Interns for ALL they do to cover local events and to help many organizations outreach and to be a success at their respective missions.
This is Worcester’s youth at their best: