Do want to see what EMPOWERING TV is ? Watch WCCA TV 13

What’s on WCCA TV 13? Plenty of great local programming and in studio educational activities! Young people explore the art Comedy and video production, producing hilarious skits, musical acts and more…by kids for kids . . .that’s “Wacky Factory” and that’s on WCCA TV Ch. 13. “Bioneers” is a program that exists to inspire a shift to live on the Earth and to honor the web of life, each other, and the future. talk about WCCA’s role in STEM education, be sure to tune into “Bioneers” weekly on WCCA TV 13.

Are you, or someone you know, dealing with an addiction? Do you need help? Then be sure to tune into “Road to Recovery” every week on WCCA TV 13. Topics of the show include: Young Adults in Recovery; Peer Recovery Support and
Prevention and Early Intervention in Behavioral Health.

Hosted by former Worcester City Councilor At -Large, Gary Rosen, “Rosen’s Round Table” is a panel discussion dealing with topical and often controversial political and educational issues. Tune into “Rosen’s Round Table” for interesting and insightful local commentary.

Here’s a show that just might earn you money buy watching it. Learn how to find that hidden antique or collectible to add cash to your life with Bill Safer on “Hidden Treasures”.

Connecting the world to ideas-one interview at a time- that’s the always informative “Ramona’s Interviews” with Ramona Pokloy on WCCA TV 13.

Don’t forget our staples such as “NEWS 13”. You are invited to watch or come on down to participate along with WCCA volunteers and Interns as they form and collaborate in exciting partnerships with community organizations to produce this free flow of local news and information. And of course “SOAPBOX” the show that builds bridges between the viewer and the interviewee.

There is plenty more on Worcester’s favorite TV station and Community Anchor Institution for Democratic media and creative innovation.

LEARN CREATE CONNECT WCCA TV 13 “The People’s Channel”

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