SURVEY SAYS !!!!!!!!!!!

The following is a sample taken from our surveys, comments made by members of our local public about why they believe WCCA TV is important :

(Source: Our 2013 WCCA TV Surveys)

[ QUESTION: Why do you think WCCA is important . . . .? ]

“Empowerment and justice and service”

“Great resource for non profits!”

“It is important to have local voice for local concerns”

“ It is a way of keeping up with current events”

“It is the committee of the City”

“It keeps us updated with what’s going on”

“Yes – it is important “

“It is important because WCCA documents the history happenings in the City”

“Conglomerates will control what we see and the community misses out on freedom of speech and knowledge opportunites”

“To keep people informed of what is happening in their community “

“Gives opportunity for citizens of Worcester to engage with others in the community . Promotes happenings in the Worc. community and provides forum for discussing relevant topics. Also, opportunities for education and enrichment of media “

“Good information source”

“It is important for the community to have their own channel”

“Free speech is an important right for all Americans”

“Many people watch the station”

“Free speech is awesome!”

“It helps promote free speech and creativity to everyone”

“It is a very good outlet for in-depth coverage of local events, interests and news

“For personal information regarding our community “

“It serves as a voice, ears and eyes for the community”

“ Crucial for independent media “

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