WCCA TV 13 presents “NEW VOICES AWARDS 2014”

Youth voices matter at WCCA TV 13. THEY ALWAYS HAVE TO US since 1986.
That is why with the generous help of the Massachusetts Cultural Commission and the Worcester Arts Council and other Community heroes, soon to be announced, WCCA is in now in production for a new an exciting project:
“New Voices Awards 2014” a new and unique vocal competition for Worcester’s best young singers. Participants are being registered through local music schools and performance centers. To find out how to reserve your place in the Auditions, please email or call the address and number on the flyer. Finalist will have an opportunity to become a grand finalist and may become eligible to win fabulous prizes including a feature appearance on Worcester’s top TV 13 Music Shows BANDEDGE and Video JAM. STAY TUNED . . .

Want to participate. Call WCCA (508) 755-1880 and ask for Joseph or send mail to joseph@wccatv.com