CONGRATULATIONS to JEN PICHERRI and her team of Interns and Volunteers: 600 News Programs

Jennifer Picherri is television producer, and a WCCA TV staff members who has been recognized and award as a regional leader in communications education and on site mentoring in the field of community television. Jen’s 20 year long career here at WCCA TV has been dedicated to facilitating experiential learning, teaching the craft of TV and Video Production and TV journalism . We congratulate her and ever evolving team of students, interns and volunteers for producing over 600 episodes of one of her leading projects, our weekly “WORCESTER COMMUNITY NEWS” TV Magazine. 600 episodes !!!!

Participating in this program is a real creative experience and exemplary of STEAM education approach to critical thinking and career skill development. Each episode takes about a week to to produce and offers our students and volunteers an opportunity to gain valuable skills in TV production, audio field, lighting, script writing, reporting, conducting interviews, news reading, production design, networking, connecting with he rest of Worcester, and so much more.

THANK YOU JENNIFER, BRAVO !!!!!!! All of us at WCCA TV are proud of you and thankful for all you do to build community through electronic media / public access television.

WCCA TV is the first in Worcester to provide youth media and Television skill development opportunities in central Massachusetts.

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After I wrote and published this I recieved an email. I’d like to share the quote. I will keep it annoymous for trade reapsons.

FROM A COLLEGE PROFESSOR seeking to continue sending his students to WCCA TV for internship:
“In fact, one of my favorite internship stories, involves WCCA. I remember a particularly qualified young woman from our department who was interning there on the second shift. All of the reporters were out on other assignments, and the station received a call about a murder in Leicester. She asked a camera person to go with her, and they got the story together, with her doing the on-air reporting. It played that night on the 11:00 news.”