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CANDIDATE OPEN MIC (for City Council and School Committee Candidates 2015)
Will be held at WCCA TV Studios, 415 Main Street, Worcester Ma . Wednesday October 14th at 5:30 PM.
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WCCA TV’s hit music showcase featuring live local music acts of all genres publishes a new episode featuring the Lou Borelli Octet
Monday Oct. 19 at 10pm
Saturday Oct 24 at 6:30pm
Band Edge #58 Lou Borelli Octet has be reposted on the WCCA website at

Band Edge is a WCCA TV produced local music show shot live
spotlighting Worcester area bands, solo singer/songwriters, and
instrumentalist. The Lou Borelli Octet is the featured artist on this
episode of Band Edge.

If you like that cool ’50’s jazz sound you will dig this edition of BANDEdge ONLY on WCCA TV your home for local music and more.

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ALLIANCE OF COMMUNITY MEDIA ( across the USA ) ask the FCC to deny the merger of the Charter Communications, Time Warner Cable and Bright House Networks

October 13, 2015
The Alliance for Community Media (ACM) and the Alliance for Communications Democracy
(ACD) today asked the FCC to deny the merger of the Charter Communications, Time
Warner Cable and Bright House Networks.
The organizations cited Charter’s lack of attention to the public interest commitments
of localism and Public Educational and Government (PEG) Access channels as a key
reason for denying the merger, which would make “New Charter” the second largest
cable and broadband provider in the United States. Additionally, Charter’s mishandling
of PEG channels in its current service area indicates that a merger will mean decreased
public service for many areas of the country currently served by Time Warner Cable.
“The merger will amplify bad practices across the nation and will harm local
communities,” said Mike Wassenaar, President of the Alliance for Community Media. “Further, a
‘New Charter’ will have incentives to stifle local PEG Access channels. Therefore,
if the Commission were to grant the merger, strong protections need to be in place
to insure local governments and communities still can use this important resource.”
View the Joint Petition to Deny the Charter-Time Warner Cable-Bright House Merger
filed today at the FCC on behalf of the ACM and ACD

WCCA JOINS THE ACM in the this pursuit.
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WCCA TV’s SOAPBOX episode about Vaccine dangers has been recieveing many favorable comments. Thank you to all who took time to write in and to share their comments and encouraging words with us.

“Bless you Harry, Gina and Elias. You’re extraordinary witnesses and spokespeople for us all.Thank you, also, to Mauro DePasquale and the People’s Channel.”

Posted by: Theresa Cedillo | October 13, 2015 at 09:01 PM

“Mr Tembenis, my heart goes out to you and your family for your son’s murder by injection of poisons. This is a heinous crime and the murderers should be held accountable. I thank you for coming out in public with your story. I think the murderers should also receive death by injection in prison. I mean everyone involved in the death of your son should also die; evil pharmaceutical companies, doctors, nurses, etc.”

Posted by: beverly gardner | October 13, 2015 at 08:48 PM

“Good for you, Gary, writing that letter. They may not respond, but I hope it gives them nightmares and one day they will be held accountable.

True Laura, vaccines not only cause autism. VACCINES KILL.”

Posted by: Linda1 | October 13, 2015 at 04:14 PM

“An articulate and knowledgeable spokesman for sanity is Harry Tembenis. Kudos, also to the host. I agree with you, Laura Hayes and Bob Moffitt. I would add Pan to the list. Prison with hard labor. How many AoA readers know that Ben Allen, Pan’s partner in crime, is the protégé of Henry Waxman, the author of the infamous 1986 NVCIA? Incestuous. Shortly after our idiot governor signed SB 277,I prepared a seven-page (five of text and two of citations) complaint to the medical board, asking them to revoke his license, based primarily on Section 2001.1 of the Business and Professions Code, as well as a copy to the AG for violations of relevant criminal statutes. I’m not holding my breath for any action by them (the Dems stick together just like the Reps), but it was immensely satisfying to do this, just as it will be immensely satisfying to picket the CDC ten days hence.”

Posted by: Gary Ogden | October 13, 2015 at 03:40 PM

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September has been a jam-packed month! Our 2015 school year programs have begun and some restructuring with our program has taken place! Traditionally, our Program Director handled all aspects of program management as well as handling operations and finances of ACE. ACE has grown substantially since our inception in 2006 and we have taken the last year as an opportunity to restructure by splitting the Program Director position and creating a new Operations Director position!

It is with great excitement that I introduce our new Program Director, Kwame Bidi, and our new Operations Director, Amy Connery! You can read more about our directors and our new After School Program Coordinator, Tina Baygboe, below!

ACE’s success stems from the ability to recognize and draw on the unique strengths and experiences of our diverse team, who represent many countries across the world. I would like to thank all of my staff, your contributions are a source of help, healing, and hope to our families, regardless of where they come from, as they join our community here in Worcester. I am also grateful to all our partners and supporters, your support has allowed us to provide a holistic approach to addressing our mission and provided the helping hands we need for ACE to continue to grow!

Thank you,
Kaska Yawo

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