Happy Holidays TO ALL From public access community media WCCA TV 194 and wccatv.com

All of us at WCCA TV cable channel 194 and wccatv.com wish a warm, healthy and joyful Happy Holidays to all of you. ENJOY !

See you on WCCA TV !
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Bandedge #60 features the first family of Texas punk “JESSE and the HOG Brothers“, live at WCCA TV studios. This show will air on WCCA TV Ch. 194 in Worcester and stream live, online, at wccatv.com on :

Monday, Dec. 29 at 10pm
Saturday, Jan. 2 at 6:30pm

It will also soon be uploaded to our website and will be available for FREE “On-Demand” viewing at wccatv.com
You can also search for the show at wccatv.com, Video on Demand, Bandedge 60.

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The WCCA TV second season of the New Voices Vocal Talent Awards Show will premiere on WCCA TV Ch. 194 and stream live online at wccatv.com:
SHOW 1 : AUDITIONS : Saturday, Dec. 26th 9:30am, 5pm and 9pm and Sunday, Dec. 27th at 9:30am, 5pm, and 11:30pm.
SHOW 2 : SEMI FINALS Mon Dec 28 @ 8pm, Tues., Dec. 29 at 11am & 7pm and Wed., Dec. 30 at 11pm
SHOW 3 FINALE : The winner will be announced on Saturday, Jan. 2 @ 9:30am, 5pm and 9pm and Sunday, Jan. 3 at 9:30am, 5pm, and 11:30pm

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