Letter In Support of WCCA TV “The People’s Channel”

We thought this would be a nice thing to share. Thanks to our friend and Board member BILL SAFER.

Dear Mauro DePasquale, Executive Director, WCCA-TV

I would like to write this letter in support of WCCA-TV. The content of
it’s programs are informative, entertaining and educational.

A program on “Senior Speak”, a WCCA-TV program talked about an
organization at the senior center, that would help seniors with their
prescription drugs.

I called the senior center and obtained an appointment for my Aunt. It
came to pass that my aunt was paying horrible prices for her medicines,
and this counselor at the senior center got her on a program that saved
her hundreds of dollars a year, and she could now afford all of her

I learned to cook some Greek dishes on “Cooking With Georgia” and about
the superb Veterans center we have here in Worcester, on “Soapbox”, two
superb programs on WCCA-TV.

There is just so much you get out of WCCA-TV, there is not enough room to
mention them all. It is my hope that in the future, they can even get
more programs on the air.

Students can come to WCCA-TV and start their path in the world of TV, and
the person who has a vision or a point of view, can express it, without
having to have a super fund, or mortgage the house.

Feel free to contact me for any other comments you may require.

Most Sincerely,

William S. Safer -President Sea breeze Antique Auction Seminars
Worcester, MA