WCCA TV unmatched “FREE” On Demand Viewing ON LINE

There are now 5,000 videos in the Video On Demand library at the WCCA
website, http://www.wccatv.com/video
Current shows and past shows are available for viewing any time. Some
were produced at WCCA as early as 1990.

From Off The Hook to Rosen’s Roundtable. You’ll find it online.
Cooking With Georgia, Exposure with Mosher, BandEdge, COMMUNITY NEWSNew Voices Awards! The best in local original community shows and special presentations produced at WCCA.

The flagship Soapbox show has 487 episodes available for viewing.
You can watch the newest show produced at WCCA, Connecting The Dots.
There are 350 special presentations available in the library.

Special thanks to our vast pool of community volunteer producers, guest, community supporters, Circle of Friends, and to our programming and technical staff for making this miles stone possible. WCCA TV’s Tech, John Simakauskas gets a special acknowledgement for his work and effort to upload thousands of video hours to make this available for you.

Have you taken advantage of the offerings in the WCCA Video On Demand
library? Let us know. Send an email to Tracy@wccatv.com

Congratulations Worcester ! This is WCCA TV Community media, local television at it’s best.