Through the ismartt Center WCCA TV will be able to Better Empower Those Who Want to Learn, Create, and Connect!! The ismartt Center will be YOUR Center! A place for the arts, education, culture, and enjoying each others company as well as ideas!!

Imagine a place for live TV-Studio Audiences Right in the Heart of Downtown Worcester!!

A Place where community Events, presentations, courses, and workshops will happen!!

People Will Have Access to a Computer Instruction Room and Lab with 15 or more computer workstations!!

It Will Be a Center Designed With you, the people of Worcester, in mind where You can Learn, Create, and Connect in our public space or you can be directly involved in a program at YOUR Community Media Center—the WCCA TV ismartt Center!!  

Contact us at WCCA TV and Find Out How You Can Help Make This Happen!!

Call 508-755-1880 and talk to Joseph or e-mail him at