Ticket Give Away!! WCCA TV has Complimentary Admission Passes To The Worcester Wine Festival Grand Tasting on October 8th at Union Station (Read Further To Find Out How To Get A Free Ticket)

The Worcester Wine Festival Grand Tasting is taking place on October 8, 2017 at Union Station.  General Admission begins at 1 p.m.  Ticket holder must be 21+ years old and show valid I.D.  Tickets are Valued at $50 to $75 a piece.

There are four of them.  Each participant in the code activity gets only one ticket.  Only 1 ticket is provided per household.  WCCA TV staff and board are not eligible nor are members of their household.

We only have four of them available in this give-a-way!  So, you have limited time!!

To get a ticket you must e-mail joseph@wccatv.com with the code in the e-mail message.  The first four people to get an e-mail in, that has the code, will be eligible to receive the ticket.

The code is:  “I Love WCCA TV”

Tickets Were Provided to WCCA TV from Lock 50

To Purchase Tickets go to https://worcesterwinefestival.com/event/grand-tasting/  while they last.