Just a Few of the Friendly Faces at WCCA TV – The People’s Channel — At WCCA TV We Want To Help You Learn, Create, and Connect

This is me, Joseph S. Townsend — I’m the Development Manager and Grant Writer






This is Mauro DePasquale — He’s the Executive Director











This is Zara Dedi — She’s the Receptionist and Administrative Assistant 







Here is Tracy Foley — She is the Station Manager as well as the Director of Programming and Information














Here is Bill Hamilton — He is a Production Assistant and Does a Lot of Video Editing







This is Frank Rocco — He is the Station Engineer and Production Class Instructor










Here is Adam Rice — He’s our Youth Instructor and Production Assistant  














This is John Simakauskas — He’s our Information Technology Expert







Here is Jennifer Pichierri — She is the Volunteer and Intern Services Coordinator as well as the Director of Worcester community News












This is Charlie Thanas — He does Programming and Program Scheduling 










Feel free to call us at 508-755-1880.