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The WCCA TV Newsletter, May 2018

This Month at WCCA TV, The People’s Channel

We ran a tally from the current roster of WCCA TV community television local-originated shows and are pleased to announce that WCCA TV has presented over 9,210 individual Worcester centric community television shows!! This amazing accomplishment reflects the high level of commitment from our WCCA TV member producers and creators as they give so much of their time, skill, and passion toward building community through electronic media.This number does not include all our current community productions – it represents those who have produced over 100 shows and who are currently in production. There are many more single episodes, specials, and other community productions that are not included in this number.
Every day of the week you will find WCCA TV community volunteers on the job, creating, learning, connecting and supporting community development in meaningful ways. WCCA TV is a true community creative space. Our volunteers and the WCCA TV staff who supports all the creativity at WCCA, are also to be congratulated and celebrated. Please join us in celebrating this remarkable accomplishment on June 14, 2018. More details for this community event will be forthcoming. Mark your calendars as you will not want to miss this!

In other related news, congratulations to Ron Motta and Chris Pinto of Active Worcester on producing and hosting over 200 shows as of April 2018! Congratulations, you make us proud!!

Our next TV Production Class starts on May 19 and is held at the WCCA TV studio, in downtown Worcester. This class is a MUST for all aspiring TV producers, as it provides useful information about all components of the TV production process. The class is offered on a first-come-first-serve basis. To reserve your seat, call 508-755-1880, ext. 114. Embark on your exciting TV Production journey today!

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WCCA TV Special Presentations

WCCA TV recorded the Mechanics Hall Brown Bag Concert with Jim Porcella. Jim is a jazz vocalist who serves up the iconic tunes of Sinatra, the Rat Pack, and Duke Ellington. He delivers American Songbook greats and leaves you wanting more. Tune into WCCA TV for this special presentation featuring Jim Porcella.

Mauro DePasquale, Executive Director of WCCA TV, interviewed world renowned sitarist Ustad Parvez Kahn at the WCCA TV studios to promote the Joy Guru Humanitarian’s Service’s concert “The Essence: Where East Meets West” – a fundraising event to benefit humanitarian causes in the Worcester community and beyond.

This WCCA TV special presentation features an interview on the April 2018 Famous (And Not So Famous) Armenians Exhibit at the Worcester Public Library sponsored by the Knights Of Vartan Arshavir Losge No. 2.

Recently, the WCCA TV crew recorded The International Women’s Day Celebration at the YWCA of Central Massachusetts. Our intern Cynthia LaPan interviewed the CEO of YWCA USA, Alejandra Y. Castillo. It was an inspiring evening honoring women’s experiences, addressing challenging issues, and ultimately celebrating women. This year’s theme was Press for Progress.

Another WCCA TV special presentation features an interview on the Worcester Commemoration of the 103rd Anniversary of the Armenian Genocide.

WCCA TV Program Notes

  • Tune into new episodes of Soapbox in May, hosted by WCCA TV’s Executive Director Mauro DePasquale. The new episodes will feature: the Rotary Club of Worcester, Chief Gentle Hawk and Nicole Spirit of The Moon to discuss their June event, and Deb Packard to speak on the Community Preservation Act. Encore presentations of Soapbox regarding tick awareness and the importance of knowing how to swim, will also air in May. Soapbox can be seen on WCCA TV, Channel 194 in Worcester, and streaming live online at wccatv.com on Saturdays at 10:30 pm and Sundays at 6:30 pm . To be a guest on the show, contact tracy@wccatv.org.
  • What’s the future of Notre Dame des Canadien church in Worcester? To find out, watch this episode of the WCCA TV program Rosen’s Round Table. In another episode, host Gary Rosen and his panel members talk about the Community Preservation Act. Holy Cross College has been in the news recently. What’s up on College Hill? The Worcester airport has a new landing system. What does this mean for Worcester? Exclusively on WCCA TV!
  • Beacon Hill Chat is a talk show that features interesting people talking about the interesting
    things going on in Central Massachusetts. Host of the program, State Senator Harriette Chandler, welcomes Grace Carmark and Kevin O’Sullivan to enlighten us about the Walk for the Homeless.
  • Know Your Rights is a show to inform viewers of their civil rights, hosted by Ron Madnick. Ron talks about How to Fight Discrimination Against a Group. The topic of another episode is Government Funding to Active
  • Perspectives, with Asima Silva, is a WCCA TV program that features local and national guests sharing their perspectives on politics, current events, mental and emotional health, as well as religion. In this episode, Asima talks with Susan Serpa from Act Now Worcester. Asima also chats with Barbara Roberts, the author of Stop It, Stop It, Stop It Now. In another episode, Asima’s guests are Aurora and Emma from the Be-Like-Brit Club.
  • Exposure With Mosher is a WCCA TV show that spotlights entrepreneurs, innovators, and good news. Host Amy Mosher Berry welcomes health and wellness advocate Lauro Dusha Nelson, the director of client acquisition at RC Cubed, Seth Mansur, and the owner of B-Organic, Cathy DiPilato.
  • Activate Worcester, hosted by Ron Motta, is a WCCA TV program that shows viewers how to participate and become active in Worcester. Ron’s guest is Tracy Lovvorn, a candidate for US Congress. In another episode, guest host Chris Pinto welcomes to the show Jay McMahon, candidate for Attorney General.
  • Time for a coffee break and another episode of Coffee with Konnie. Join City Councilor Konnie Lukes and her guests as they discuss city issues at Worcester area coffee shops. Once again it’s time for US Postal Service National Food Drive on May 13, 2018. Norm LaFlash, the spokesperson for the drive, and GwenWhite provide details of the event.
  • Hidden Treasures is a WCCA TV program that helps you learn how to find that hidden antique or collectible that just may add cash to your life. In this episode, host Bill Safer shares hints and tips for your Hidden Treasures adventures. In another episode, Bill chats with Toni DeLuca about liquors.
  • What It’s Worth is a WCCA TV show definitely worth watching! Host of the show, Tommy Colletta, welcomes Christina Andrianopoulos and Paul Barber to tell us about this year’s Grecian Festival. In another episode, Tommy’s guest is retired chiropractor James Convery.
    • Ramona Pokoly is the host of Ramona Interviews, a talk show that features interesting guests from all walks of life. Ramona’s guest is Brian Nelson, the creator of the cartoon Our Girl Laurel. In another episode, Ramona’s guest is Kim Kerrigan the President of Corporate Classrooms.
  • This Is Worcester is a WCCA TV program, hosted and produced by community activist Bill Coleman. This episode is dedicated to the speech made on April 3, 1968, by Martin Luther King.
  • Static Fusion is an alternative performance art and musical variety program, produced with the facilities of WCCA TV. The program is put together by the creative genius of Jim Racicot and Uncle Allen. Jim takes us to the Mardi Gras Party at Worcester’s Canal.
  • Sound Check, produced by Stefano Traficante, is a real-life, unscripted music program featuring the local talents of bands and song writers in the Worcester local area. This episode features an arrangement of local talent and images.
  • Band Edge is a WCCA-produced local-music show that is shot live and spotlights Worcester area bands, solo singer/songwriters, and instrumentalists. Today’s featured artist is Andy Brink.
  • Ben Behind The Scenes is a WCCA TV program that showcases music videos, interviews, reviews, and short films. The show is produced and hosted by Ben Allotey, one of WCCA TV’s longest active producers. Tune into another episode of pure entertainment.
  • Video Jam is your source for eclectic music videos. Your favorite host, Tracy Foley, has been presenting mainstream and indie rock for more than 10 years on cable TV public access stations. Today’s Playlist features: Crowder – Prove It, The Afters – Life Is Beautiful, Dirty Heads – The Unlikely Candidates, Beaux Cheveux – Rio Grande, Tritonal – Out of My Mind, Johnnie Mikel – Friday Night, Johnnie Mikel – Come with Me, Mr Probz- Space for Two , and more. Keep jammin’ with WCCA TV!
  • Tune into Video Jam Country and spend an hour enjoying the latest and greatest in country music with host Tracy Foley. Today’s show features: Jenna Paulett – Coolest Girl in the World, Rita Coolidge – Walkin on Water, Zach Stone – Four Letter Word, Debras D’Lane – Raisin’ Hell, Jenny Tolman – Something to Complain About, Indigo Summer – Wishful Drinking, Melanie Meriney – Life Boat, Nick Brennan – I Want a Girl, Kassidy Lynne – Baby Just Cruise, Templeton Thompason – Ride a Wide Circle, Cash Campbell – Don’t Wanna Talk About It, Aaron Watson – Outta Style, Anthony Orio – Undeniable, and Haley and Michaels – Me Too. Shout-out to all our country music fans!!
  • Senior Speak is a program by WCCA TV in collaboration with the Worcester Senior Center. Senior issues are discussed and a good time is had by all. Senior Speak is recorded at the Worcester Senior Center, located at 128 Providence St., on Tuesdays at 2 PM. Stop by and be a part of the show!


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