# The WCCA TV Newsletter, September 2018

This Month at WCCA TV, The People’s Channel

Hello friends! Happy Fall! There are many new programs and projects going on at WCCA TV this time of the year, but our focus is on the New Voices Awards competition, which is taking place on October 30, 2018 at the WCCA studio. All singers between the ages of 13 and 21, please contact Michael at WCCA TV for an application by sending an email to michael@wccatv.com or calling 508-755-1880 ext. 119. Come on down and sing your heart out!!

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WCCA TV Special Presentations

WCCA TV was at the Worcester Red Sox Celebration on the Worcester Common Oval on Monday, September 17th. The ceremony featured appearances by legends of the Boston Red Sox baseball club as well as players from the Pawtucket Red Sox. The WooSox Celebration was recorded by the WCCA TV volunteer Jeremy Johnson.

WCCA TV’s Front Row is a television show experience that takes you up close to live local and on-location performances, and often a look behind the scenes with in-depth interviews of talent, directors, producers, artists and more. It’s about the rich cultural experience and opportunities that
exist in the Worcester area. WCCA TV captured The Mighty Mighty Bosstones performance at the 2018
Cranking and Skanking Fest.

This WCCA TV special presentation features an interview with disability advocate, attorney Liz Myska.

WCCA TV’s crew was at Clark University in Worcester to record a lecture by Nancy Rosenblum.


Sabrina Bohun, Director of Mediation at The Family Services of Central Massachusetts, recently appeared on the WCCA TV program Beacon Hill Chat hosted by State Senator Harriette Chandler. That’s what they had to say about WCCA on their social media page: ”Thank you to WCCA TV 194 ‘The People’s Channel’ and staff (Producer Bill Hamilton and Administrative Assistant Zara Dedi) for making this such a memorable experience.” We look forward to future collaborations with them and other non-profits in the area!

WCCA TV Program Notes

  • Beacon Hill Chat is a talk show that features interesting people talking about the interesting
    things going on in Central Massachusetts. Host of the program, State Senator Harriette Chandler, welcomes Kathleen Gagne, the Vice Director and Chief Development Officer of Mechanics Hall.
  • Did you kow that Main Street from Federal Square to Lincoln Square in Worcester will be getting a facelift? Watch this episode of Rosen’s Round Table hosted by City Councilor Gary Rosen, to learn more about it. In another episode, Rosen and his panel members talk about the Worcester Red Sox Project.
  • Activate Worcester, hosted by Ron Motta, is a WCCA TV program that shows viewers how to participate and become active in Worcester. Ron welcomes Chanel Prunier to explain why people should vote NO on Question 3 on the November ballot.
  • Know Your Rights is a WCCA TV show to inform viewers of their civil rights, hosted by Ron Madnick. In this episode, Ron talks about The Story of the Bill of Rights: Students Rights.
  • Connecting The Dots is a non-traditional legal program with the emphasis on the attorney as a trusted advisor, with an interdisciplinary approach to solving life’s issues. Host of the program, Attorney Liz Myska, welcomes Robin Norton, CFA.
  • Ramona Pokoly is the host of Ramona Interviews, a talk show that features interesting guests from all walks of life. Ramona’s guest is Jacob Sanders to talk about canibus coming to Worcester. In another episode, Ramona’s guest is Matthew Flynn to tell us about his incredibly journey.
  • Hidden Treasures is a WCCA TV program that helps you learn how to find that hidden antique or collectible that just may add cash to your life. Host Bill Safer and his guest, auctioneer/appraiser Wayne Tuiskula, talk about the world of auctions.
  • Human Touch is a new WCCA TV program to spotlight refugees and to learn about their struggles, their stories, their challenges and triumphs, in order to bring about understanding and change. Host Augustine Kanjia tells us his own story.
  • This Is Worcester is a WCCA TV program, hosted and produced by community activist Bill Coleman. Bill talks about the history of black elected officials across the country, with a focus on Massachusetts U.S. Senator Edward W. Brooke. In another episode, Bill talks about the City Seal and the Mosaic Project.
  • Perspectives, with Asima Silva, is a WCCA TV program that features local and national guests sharing their perspectives on politics, current events, mental and emotional health, as well as religion. Asima welcomes Edina Lekovic.
  • Time for a coffee break and another episode of Coffee with Konnie. Join City Councilor Konnie Lukes and her guests as they discuss city issues at Worcester area coffee shops. Konnie has coffee with Rob Baumann.
  • Health Matters is a program from the Worcester District Medical Society. Host Dr. James Broadhurst welcomes Dr. Mark Neavyn to the show. The topic of discussion is Public Health Implications for Marijuana Deregulation. Because your health matters!
  • Video Jam is your source for eclectic music videos. Your favorite host, Tracy Foley, has been presenting mainstream and indie rock for more than 10 years on cable TV public access stations. Today’s Playlist features: Darrell Kelley – Unity, Big Sam’s Funky Nation – Pokechope, Kyla Imani – Sitting Up in My Room, SJ Armstrong – Some Restful Day, Shane Palko – Don’t Fall in Love While Time Traveling, Harp Samuels – Fire, and more. Keep jammin’ with WCCA TV!
  • Senior Speak is a program by WCCA TV in collaboration with the Worcester Senior Center. Senior issues are discussed and a good time is had by all. Senior Speak is recorded at the Worcester Senior Center, located at 128 Providence St., on Tuesdays at 2 PM. Stop by and be a part of the show!
  • Nuestra Esperanza is a Spanish-language religious program hosted and produced by Lucy Tomey. This program has been airing on WCCA TV since 1990! Programación christiana de inspiración en Español, de mas larga duración en WCCA TV desde el año 1990, anfitriona y productora Lucy Tomey.


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