WCCA TV Newsletter, May 2020

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Hello friends! Hope this newsletter finds everyone safe and healthy!!

WCCA TV is calling restaurants and businesses especially hurting from the shut down: FREE TV Exposure is being offered on a limited time! This is a public service brought to you by WCCA TV it is an opportunity to simply connect to your loyal customers and constituents !
WCCA TV is an all-inclusive interactive and creative venue. Now with our Daily Breaking public-service programming that is designed to address the pandemic impact, we have an open call for participation including those in arts & performance, businesses, social service organizations, and more. We are running FREE opportunities to help those especially challenged during the pandemic, on a limited basis. WCCA TV’s purpose is to engage and empower or community through education and access to media tools, resources and creative space, to facilitate the sharing of local news & information, and to help rebuild our economy.
WCCA TV presents direct perspectives from healthcare providers, wellness groups and social services, educational and self-help information, uplifting expression from the arts and culture community, story telling, business and non-profit news & events, and faith-based messaging. WCCA TV productions are available on cable, as live stream-cast, Facebook live, as podcast, and more. They are replayed as well on Cable Channel 194 in Worcester, and live-streamed at www.wccatv.com.
Check out WCCA TV’s latest public service program ‘Daily Breaking’. Productions are currently conducting interviews on Skype or Zoom, and with limited number of people in our sanitized Studio. Let your customers and clients know how you are doing. Contact Mauro DePasquale at mauro@wccatv.com for further details.

WCCA TV’s new, live program ‘Daily Breaking’ – designed to allow our community members, organizations, and individuals to share and express immediate, up-to-date information – has generated a lot of interest and engagement in our community. Visit WCCA’s Podcast Central to hear some of the latest ‘Daily Breaking’ shows that have been airing at noon for just over a month. Due to the high number of views even after the show airs, you can now listen to it Anytime, Anywhere, on WCCA’s ‘Podcast Central.’ Just load the SoundCloud app on your phone and search for WCCA TV or visit WCCA’s Podcast Central. For more WCCA TV programs, visit www.wccatv.com/video

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WCCA TV Special Presentations

This edition of ‘Daily Breaking’ features Ashley Carter, Farmers Market Program Coordinator at Regional Environmental Council (REC). She informs the viewers about How the Regional Environmental Council Inc (a long time grassroots food justice organization based out of Main South Worcester) has adapted its mobile farmers market to serve SNAP customers safely and enable them to continue use of their Healthy Incentive Program benefits; What is the HIP program and what it means for local farmers and SNAP-users especially during the COVID-19 pandemic; Their partnership with the Worcester Regional Food Hub and local growers; How they are involving youth, and Where you can find the farmers market in June and beyond if the coast is clear.

This edition of ‘Daily Breaking’ features Troy Lee, Senior Student at Tantasqua Regional High School, to discuss how almost all senior events have been canceled or postponed, the impact of the COVID-19 crisis on high-school students, and how they’re adjusting to these challenging times.

This edition of ‘Daily Breaking’ features Anne Bureau from the Worcester Community Connections Coalition. Anne informs us how the Worcester Community Connections Coalition is working to bring out the voices of Worcester parents at this time to ensure that their needs are being met and to get out important resource information

This edition of ‘Daily Breaking’ features Gina Plata-Nino, Staff Attorney at the Central West Justice Center. Gina explains how to access resource information that is important to parents at this time – on housing, food access, or mental health

This edition of ‘Daily Breaking’ features Alex Guardiola, Director of Government Affairs and Public Policy at the Worcester Regional Chamber of Commerce, to provide our business community with information and aid available from the Municipal, State and Federal levels of government. Mr. Guardiola provides important information for both small and large businesses. He discusses programs ranging from micro-loans, forgivable grants and paycheck protection funds. For more information, visit the Worcester Regional Chamber of Commerce website.

This edition of ‘Daily Breaking’ features Victoria Waterman, CEO at Girls Inc of Worcester. Victoria talks about the “Girls Celebration 2020” event. Like many things, the event became a “virtual celebration” and they did a segment each day of the week electronically. Girls Celebration is one of their biggest events to honor young girls for a variety of achievements.

This edition of ‘Daily Breaking’ features Bryan Levangie, Location Pastor at the Next Level Church in West Boylston. Bryan talks about all they are doing online to bring continued hope to the greater Worcester community and beyond.

This edition of ‘Daily Breaking’ features Kristen Cariglia, the Director of Operations at HMEA’s Autism Resource Central. Kristen provides us with a brief overview of the Center and the challenges they are facing. She also talks about the support the Center continues to provide for families during this difficult time, and the virtual 5k/walk they have running currently. For more information, visit Autism Resource Central’s website.

This edition of ‘Daily Breaking’ features Paula Bushey, Treasurer at the Mustard Seed Catholic Worker. She talks about how the Covid-19 crisis has changed their daily operation & procedures and what they are doing now with weekday meals and the Food Pantry.

This edition of ‘Daily Breaking’ features three members of The 365Z Foundation – President Rosemary Ford, Vice President Ed Gardella, and Media Relations Officer Chris Weber. They talk about how the Foundation began and the work they are doing with their fundraising efforts and scholarships they have awarded. The 365Z Foundation was founded in honor of Zachary Ford, who tragically took his own life at age 20. Their mission is to help perpetuate a community-wide kindness movement, raising awareness and personal commitment to helping others. For more information, visit The 365Z Foundation’s website.

This edition of ‘Daily Breaking’ features Heidi Sue LeBoeuf, Counseling and Advocacy Director at Pathways for Change, Inc. She informs viewers that your local rape crisis center is still open and still supporting & believing survivors of sexual violence and their loved ones, friends, family, etc. The center also provides support for professionals. Services right now are being provided by phone and telehealth. For more information and to ask about services, call 508-852-7600, Monday through Friday, 9am – 5pm. Also visit the Center’s website.

This special edition of ‘Daily Breaking’ features Philip Ozzone, a student at Worcester State University. Philip asks Mauro DePasquale, Executive Director of WCCA TV, a few questions about our public access TV station and how the organization is facing the challenges of COVID-19.

This edition of ‘Daily Breaking’ features Matt Hanlon, Co-owner of Breen’s Cafe. Breen’s is a long established neighborhood sports-bar that draws people from across the city and several towns in Central Mass. They serve delicious food and large portions at very affordable prices. Many of the patrons have been friends for decades. Matt will talk about that and also wants to let their customers know that he and other owners & employees miss them at Breen’s.

This edition of ‘Daily Breaking’ features Rev. Msgr. Thomas J. Sullivan from Christ The King Catholic Church in Worcester. He talks about how his parish is impacted by the restrictions posed by COVID-19 and how they’re coping with it. He ended the interview with an uplifting prayer.

This edition of ‘Daily Breaking’ features Colleen Sullivan, Bartender/Manager at Barber’s Crossing restaurant in Leicester. Colleen talks about restaurant closures and the impact it has had not just financially on the business, but also on her fellow employees and even regular customers who want to Zoom with her.

WCCA TV Program Notes

  • Tune in to WCCA TV’s Worcester Community News. This episode features a special story about Michael Timko, Professor of Chemical Engineering at Worcester Polytechnic Institute (WPI), who has been put onto a research grant to investigate a new and efficient way to create biofuel. A second story involves college students talking about the transition of having their classes be completely online. Exclusively on WCCA TV 194 in Worcester, also streaming live worldwide at www.wccatv.com
  • Healthy Living is a WCCA TV show that features interviews with medical doctors and allied health individuals regarding important health-related issues. Host of the show doctor Donald Pelto presents some strategies and tips to stay healthy and motivated during the COVID-19 pandemic. In another episode, Dr. Pelto explains how to use technology to stay in touch with patients remotely and improve patient care during such challenging times.
  • WCCA TV is doing its part to help local seniors stay connected and informed in these challenging times, through its program Senior Speak. Tune in to a new episode that features Senior Center member Edith Morgan. ‘Senior Speak’ airs on WCCA TV, Cable Channel 194 in Worcester, and streams live at the same time worldwide at www.wccatv.com, on Tuesdays at 12:30pm and Wednesdays at 12pm.
  • This Is Worcester is a WCCA TV program hosted and produced by community activist Bill Coleman. The program focuses on interesting Worcester-area facts and history. Bill talks about Worcester’s history on hiring black police officers. Exclusively on WCCA TV!
  • WCCA TV’s independent, eclectic music-video show, Video Jam, with host Tracy Foley, will feature new music from Briannagh D, Rockie Brown, Disq, Raylon, Jack Garratt, and Laura Pieri. Tune in on Fridays at 9 PM and Saturdays at 7 PM to WCCA TV, Channel 194 in Worcester. Keep on jammin’!!
  • Spend an hour enjoying the latest and greatest in country music with Video Jam Country, hosted by Tracy Foley. This show will feature new music from Dawn Marie, Calamity Jane, Mags, Tiffany Woys, Ruthie Collins, Head Fake and much more. Tune in on Thursdays, at 11:00 pm, to WCCA TV, Channel 194 in Worcester. Shout out to all our country music fans!!


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