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Mass from St. Paul’s Cathedral now broadcast Live on WCCA TV

Sunday Mass Times

Watch the Mass from St Paul’s Cathedral LIVE

The Daily Mass, and the Sunday Masses in Spanish and English at St. Paul’s Cathedral in Worcester are now being broadcast live on WCCA TV.

The Daily Mass airs Monday thru Friday at 9am. The Sunday Mass in Spanish is at 8am and in English at 10am.

They can be seen live on Worcester cable channel 194, streaming worldwide at, and on the Roku “Worcester TV” channel.

DAILY BREAKING shows are now available as podcasts!

WCCA TV’s new, live DAILY BREAKING show has been airing at noon for just over a month. Due to the high number of views even after the shows air, you can also listen to it anytime, anywhere. Just visit WCCA’s PODCAST CENTRAL to hear some of the latest shows. Load the SoundCloud app on your phone and search for WCCA TV or visit WCCA’s PODCAST CENTRAL at

DAILY BREAKING is a new public service program seen live daily Monday through Thursday, at 12 noon on WCCA Cable Channel 194 in Worcester, on Facebook at and is available on the DAILY BREAKING page on the WCCA TV 194 website.
DAILY BREAKING is designed to allow community members, organizations, and individuals to share and express immediate and up to date information, to mobilize support and resources, and to express and alert viewers accordingly.

The Importance of Public Access TV

“The Importance of Public Access TV” is an editorial post at the East Hampton PEG website.Please take a moment to read it.

Why is public access television so important?

In most cases, it’s a source of raw information that is highly pertinent to people’s lives, accessible for anyone who has a TV and the most basic of cable plans. It’s a form of freedom of expression, solidified through agreements with big cable companies that normally have to negotiate with municipalities to be the sole provider of cable access. In many places where the county or town allowed that company to move in, “PEG” channels were born, meaning “public, educational, and government” channels.

You can read the full editorial on the LTV Media Center website


In response to the urgency of the Covid-19 Virus, WCCA TV has launched a public service program seen LIVE daily on WCCA Cable Channel 194 (Worcester) and at and . Daily Breaking is designed to allow community members, organizations, and individuals to share and express immediate and up – to – date information and to mobilize support and resources. Sheilah Dooley, Pernet Family Health, Marybeth Campbell, WCAC and Barbara Fields, Greater Worcester Community Foundation will be featured this weekend on Saturday March 28 at 6pm and 9:30pm and Sunday, March 29 at 10pm.


WCCA TV 194 launched “DAILY BREAKING” with its first guest, Tim Garvin, President and CEO of the United Way of Central Massachusetts. ”DAILY BREAKING” went live at 12 noon. If you missed it, it will be replayed at 6:26 PM today and again at 9:26 AM tomorrow, 3/18/20. Times of WCCA TV’s DB will vary as needed by the community.
WCCA TV invites you to WATCH and PARTICIPATE. The program’s mission is to provide up to date information, views, opinions, community news, and to assist organizations in helping others and mobilizing support through this crisis.
“DAILY BREAKING” can be seen daily, LIVE cast from 12:00 – 1:00 PM on and on Cable Channel 194 in Worcester, also streaming live at Space is limited.
Participating guests are invited to schedule an appointment through Solo musicians, poets, and artists are welcome to participate.

The Mayor’s Forum now on WCCA TV

City of Worcester Mayor Joseph Petty and his television show, “Mayor’s Forum” is now airing on WCCA TV. The new productions can be viewed on Worcester cable channel 194 or streamed or on demand worldwide at The show debuts on Tuesday, February 25th. It will be broadcast on Tuesdays at 1:30 p.m. and 9:00 p.m. and on Fridays and Saturdays at 7:30 p.m. There will be two new productions each month.

Support WCCA on Giving Tuesday, December 3, 2019

On Tuesday, December 3rd, organizations from all over the world will join together for one big day of giving!
Since 2012, #GivingTuesday has brought together millions of people to support the work and services of thousands of non-profit organizations. #GivingTuesday offers a way to refocus the importance of giving during the holiday season. At WCCA TV we’ve made it easier than ever to give and you can do it RIGHT NOW!!
Simply text WCCATV to 243725 and follow a couple of prompts. It takes less than a minute to support programing designed to empower, enlighten and enrich all sectors of our diverse community. Shows on health, music, local business, news, cooking and religion are only a sampling of what airs on Worcester cable channel 194 and streams live or on demand at
Here is our challenge we ask you to consider. We call it “Give 5, Get 5”. Visit or text WCCATV to 243725 and donate $5.00 to our work to ensure WCCA TV continues to be a community beacon for first amendment rights and a place to learn, create and connect! Then challenge 5 people to do the same. Social media is powerful and you have the power to make a difference starting with your $5 donation now!!