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WCCA TV is a community empowering institution that stands for media literacy, media democracy and creative innovation, since 1986. It is the sole company in Worcester to this day that continues as such.

WCCA levels the media playing field by providing an open and all-inclusive participatory resource that gives everyone access to the tools, technology and education needed to fully and independently participate in a video reliant communications world.

WCCA’s state of the art studio facility provides an inspiring creative space for content creation and all sorts of media related collaborations. It is an environment designed to engage and transform community through electronic media.

WCCA TV’s programming and distribution network is seen worldwide, on line, on numerous web based platforms, and through Charter Cable channel 194.  In addition to providing physical creative space for content creation and local originated programming reflecting community interest, it serves as an “electronic park”, a public digital open maker space, where people come together to talk about Worcester, their individual stories and more.

WCCA TV’s a mission to ensure digital inclusion, media literacy and apply skills and technological tools are available for all to share their stories and reach out and connect. It’s all about Worcester, it’s all about connection and building community. The place in Worcester to LEARN, CREATE, and CONNECT.

WCCA TV plays a huge role in today’s world:

WCCA TV is NON-PROFIT COMMUNITY MEDIA and is a commercial free space for free speech and expression.

It is a true definition of embedded story telling TV BY FOR and OF THE PEOPLE. A place in media where our local community is prioritized.

WCCA TV Advocates and Facilitates public access to education, media literacy, and the technology and resources needed to compete in today’s video reliant world.

WCCA TV empowers community members to ensure they access to the above education and resources. This results in meaningful media.

WCCA TV provides the space, tools and technology to enable community participants to create and produce QUALITY content.

WCCA TV demystifies the digital world of communications and television production

WCCA TV offers of network of viewers, skilled professional producers and communicators, and artist that inspires collaboration and innovation.

WCCA TV is a center for media literacy, a place to understand how media is produced, used, serves the public, as well as to understand how stories and this technology can impact us all.

100% of the content programing seen on WCCA TV reflects the interest of our local community because it is our community that is producing it.

WCCA TV is a place for not only creation but for exploration. WCCA was the first in Worcester to offer a ‘hotspot” in Worcester’s downtown, the first in central Massachusetts to apply wireless video technology, the first in central Massachusetts to provide YOUTH media education, and more. A place where innovation flourishes and it is happening downtown in the heart of Worcester.

In addition to its public access mission WCCA TV uniquely serves the public as a STEAM education program serving young or old of all types of backgrounds, a place where career skills are honed and opportunities are gained.

WCCA TV is a curator serving and strongly advocating to preserve local stories and local film/video arts communities.

WCCA TV is also a place where people create and have fun.

 To learn more visit or follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram

Contact Mauro DePasquale, Executive Director, WCCA TV

508-755-1880 ext. 111 or via email

Visit and watch us at or Facebook or Youtube. Also available on Roku

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Benefits to YOU and to the Community:

Affordable Media Access to news local information, and a place where YOU are the media;  WCCA TV Empowers Everyone; a place where Media literacy and innovation flourishes;  Access to a unique maker space to learn create and connect; a public space to share your story, talent, or opinion FREE of POLITICAL WHIM or CORPORATE RETRIBUTION; a place reflecting and communicating all that is Worcester and a sense of  community pride; Levels the media playing field;  expand your reach and mobilize and outreach to a broad community of viewership;  access to state of the art tools and technology, resources, and network. Transforms lives, and builds community bridges.


Become a member, volunteer, watch and share your stories and ours.



WCCA TV awarded $207,000.00 Grant

May 14, 2018




WCCA TV, Worcester Community Cable Access Inc., is pleased to announce, the board of MassDevelopment, the Mass Cultural Council’s partner in the administration of the Massachusetts Cultural Facilities Fund, have met to approve grant recommendations for the 2018 round of the Cultural Facilities Fund.


WCCA TV has been approved for a Capital grant in the amount of $200,000. In addition, our organization has also been approved for a Systems Replacement Plan (SRP) grant in the amount of $7,000.  The SRP is a 20-year capital needs assessment of a facility and its mechanical systems.


This funding will be utilized to support WCCA TVs facility / fixture update, and repair project, known as WCCA TVs “in-Studio Media Arts Resource and Technology Training Center” (iSMARTT CENTER)


The first phase of the project is to address façade and fixture updates, safety improvements, and to increase accessibility of its production and digital arts amenities. Through this first phase the front entranceway would be greatly improved which will make our part of downtown Worcester more attractive and well lit.  It will, also, enhance content creation by improving its creative space and allowing programming and operational efficiency.


WCCA TV has previously completed a feasibility and planning study, and is continuing to pursue other grants and funding for the project.  During recent months WCCA has met with representatives from Mass Development, City Officials, and area organizations and community members to explore avenues to move the project forward. WCCA TV hopes to have the funds raised for the scope of phase one of the Façade by the end of this year, and we hope to begin work on the façade soon afterwards.  This amount required for the project is above and beyond the public access funding and the contractual equipment and facilities funds that WCCA TV receives through the City Cable franchise provisions.


WCCA recently made some improvements with its community media center digital creation tools.  The community media television station recently secured over $160,000 in new content creation technology that raises its television studio technology to a new state-of-the-art level.  This has led to an increased integration of our traditional cable television with a diversified online presence by using multi-casting and multi-sourcing technologies, while further empowering and engaging all participating communities and citizens of Worcester.  It has also further empowered the community to access more dynamic video production options in an increasingly efficient and effective manner.


WCCA TV has expanded its presence and can be viewed on multiple platforms worldwide, including Charter Cable 194,, FaceBook, YouTube, Roku, and others. It can be seen on multiple devises as well.


Stay tuned for more good news to come.


Mauro DePasquale,

Executive Director

(508) 755-1880 or

A Great Video About WCCA TV

Mauro DePasquale, Executive Director of WCCA TV talks all about WCCA TV
Community media and its importance and empowering work.



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The People’s Channel.


WCCA TV is a regional leader serving Worcester’s community media public access needs and an anchor institution that stands for Media Democracy, Media Literacy and Creative Innovation. Learn Create and Connect at WCCA TV.


Since 1986, WCCA TV has always been a creative space and a place that has engaged people of all backgrounds in bringing the city to life through creative expression of storytelling, engaging community television talk programming, music, dance, television journalism, dramatic arts and film/video making, public art and multimedia works, and to exercise free speech. It’s a space for everyone to get engaged in the arts in an active way.

A diversity of thousands of people attended WCCA educational class and workshops, participated in content creation, our public events, and our programs are seen in Worcester and around the world on line.

Check out our amazing Video On Demand library! ALL VIDEOS ARE AVAILABLE FOR FREE “ON-DEMAND VIEWING” at . This would not be possible without such an amazing video-prolific community and also with the tremendous work and effort of our own WCCA TV Staff of professional video technicians and video production artist.

WCCA community projects and programs are seen around the world and we have many letters expressing appreciation of this from many different countries. BRAVO !!

There is no denying WCCA TV is an anchor institution that stands for Media Democracy, Media Literacy and Creative Innovation.


For more information browse this website, watch our programming on cable channel 194 or here ( at , streaming live or “On-Demand”, and or contact Mauro DePasquale our Executive Director. We offer community volunteer memberships, special sponsor membership plans for businesses, Workshops and training for ALL ages, and whole lot more. Get involved, create, network, share your story, opinions, and fresh ideas on “THE PEOPLE’s CHANNEL” WCCA TV


Thanks for your support.

NOTE this blog may be updated and the views and opinions expressed in the news articles embedded herein are not necessarily those of WCCA TV, it’s Board of Directors, It’s Staff, It’s sponsors and associates.

The International Women’s Day Celebration at the YWCA of Central Massachusetts — WCCA TV Was There!

WCCA TV recorded The International Women’s Day Celebration on March 6, 2018 at the YWCA of Central Massachusetts, and Cynthia LaPan interviewed the CEO of YWCA USA, Alejandra Y. Castillo, for ourviewers. It was an inspiring evening honoring women’s experiences, addressing challenging issues, and celebrating women. This year’s theme was Press for Progress.

The keynote address was by YWCA USA’s new CEO, Alejandra Y. Castillo. The YWCA USA and its network of 213 associations serves 2.2. million women and girls around the country in 46 states and the District of Columbia. With over two decades of professional experience in Washington, D.C., she has served in senior leadership in two presidential administrations. Given her policy, legal and business expertise, Alejandra has worked in various public, private, and non-profit settings. In 2014, Alejandra was appointed by the Obama Administration to serve as the national director of the Minority Business Development Agency (MBDA), becoming the first Hispanic-American woman to lead the agency, helping to secure financing and capital in excess of $19 billion, and creating or retaining over 33,000 jobs.

Also, the event included traditional Indian Dance, refreshments, and international artists and makers.

Watch (and listen) to the African Children’s Choir — They Performed At WICN on February 28th

On February 28th 2018 WICN and Crocodile River Music hosted a concert by The African Children’s Choir. The African Children’s Choir is composed of African children, aged 7 to 10 years old. Many have lost one or both parents through the devastation of war, famine and disease. They represent all the children of a continent and they demonstrate the potential of African children to become strong leaders for a better future in their land.