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Senators Push Back on FCC revision in JUST favor of consumers, municipalities, and PUBLIC ACCESS MEDIA CENTERS


“One of the primary outcomes of state regulation in Illinois has been incumbent cable ops abandoning local franchise negotiations to opt into the state deal. It definitely hasn’t increased competition and in significant ways has lowered the bar on public benefits.” Barbara Popovic CAN TV Chicargo

“If the proposed rule is implemented, all cable systems will be assumed to have ‘effective competition’ for their services in local markets. If all cable systems are deemed to have competition, then local franchising authorities would no longer have the power to set basic cable rates in their municipalities or require that a cable system provide public access, educational or governmental access channels as a public service.”
Bryan Harley
Facilities/Operations Manager,CMAC
1555 Van Ness
Fresno, CA 93721

[This push-back is good , ]”This would do what state franchises have done in many states and allow cable companies to circumvent local efforts to make basic cable affordable to low-income families and seniors. In places with State franchises, basic cable rates have doubled and tripled as a result of this deregulation.”
Michael Eisenmenger, Executive Director
Community Media Center of Marin
415.721.0636 x16 | michael@cmcm.tv

“I appreciate everyone’s input, comments, and petitions, let’s hope together we will avoided further unnecessary and harmful cable reforms for the Consumers, Public Access, and our Municipalities.” Mauro DePasquale, Executive Director, WCCA TV, Worcester, MA

Open Letter to Stroud PA

The good people of Stoud PA are fighting hard to save public access. We sent a letter to their local representatives with some facts about Public Access Television/community media centers.


Please consider standing in support of public access in your township.

At a recent general membership meeting conducted in our community studios about three days ago(June 25, 2013), our members, citizens who participate in public access, stated that they do so because they know and recognize that Public Access is nothing at all like commercial TV or social media, they see Public Access as a “community anchor that stands for media democracy and creative innovation”.

It empowers and equals the playing field for everyone. It provides hope, it’s like an electronic park where community comes together to share news and information, to promote local events and activities, and share individual stories. They feel they can “make a difference in their city through the public access process”. They stated that their experience has changed their lives and their communities in real concrete ways. One person discovered a passion for the craft of video production and ended up with a career; another told a story how someone changed their mind about suicide; while learning, they were not alone with their troubles; another told a story how through public access he was teaching others about their civil rights and how to access government; another told a story of young high school students mastering English communications and composition skills while learning to produce and design an informative news documentary. There was plenty more.

Let’s face it, if you are a Mayor, A member of Congress, the CEO of a fortune 500 company, or have committed a horrible crime, you would have no problem getting TV exposure. Public Access gives the camera and microphone to anyone else who desires to share and participate in a free flow of LOCAL news and information. Public Access is a beacon where people can home in to learn and share views, opinions, heritage, religious and philosophical perspectives, discuss municipal issues, entertain, and share talent and fresh ideas. It’s not just about watching something, it’s more about making something. Something that matters. No other type of television builds community the way Public Access does. Why watch TV when you can make it?

Please take time to look at our public access channel at wccatv.com , browse around, read the blogs, in about five minutes, you will see who needs and makes good use of the channel. A broad and diverse spectrum of community, a perfect window into Worcester, MA, is what you will see. ALL THE PROGRAMMING reflects the interest of the people who live, work and study in our city through public access. No other type of TV channel does that.

Where else will you find the following in one location? ( For example click here )

WCCA TV has been providing public access for over 27 years, and we find our community of participants continue to grow. Maybe it’s an answer to the digital divide, maybe people realize the television medium is stronger today than ever. Have you noticed that there are more TV channels today than ever? Shouldn’t the people of Stroud be allowed to represent themselves in the midst of all of that?

NO COST but plenty of ROI
It is all made possible without tax money, funding for public access comes from the cable companies via your cable franchise license agreement. At your town’s request payments to support your pubilc access channel comes, in exchange for rights of way. Cable providers can pay up to 5% of their gross annual revenues to support public access. So why not support Public Access? Why not allow for such an empowering maker space in your township? The return of investment in media services in the hands of the people is always favorable, in fact, in many instances, a huge ten fold ROI in addition to the social value a pubic access center contributes.

Public Access provides an intersection for the community to come together to build social bridges, and community. It’s a technology learning center, a youth media center, a creative arts center, a TV studio, a valuable resources for the poor and non-profit organizations to utilize for outreach purposes, a place for aspiring journalist where anyone can tell their story, a place where careers can be launched.

The Internet is fine, but it’s no substitute. Finding out something about your township on the intern would be as easy as finding the ocean one dixie cup at a time.

Visit http://www.wccatv.com you will get an idea of what public access is. Empower your citizens, elevate the quality of life through the hope that public access brings to many, as they know their voices can be heard and that they matter. Public Access is much more than just television, it’s unique community resource, it’s a way people can transform their own lives, through media, it’s TV BY FOR and OF the PEOPLE. All the rest is commercial or curated propaganda.

Thank you for our consideration.
Mauro DePasquale, WCCA TV 13, “The People’s Channel”, Worcester, MA
508-755-1880 ext. 11