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WCCA TV NEWS and INFORMATION Round Up: November 4, 2015


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Bill Moore writes:

“PROJECT NEW HOPE is Now in its fifth year,
https://www.facebook.com/Project-New-Hope-Inc-Non-Profit-Veterans-Organization-343196092385191/ Project New Hope Inc. Non-Profit Veterans Organization
offers free weekend retreats, programs and services to military veterans of
all eras and their families. Click on the link to read my interview with
Bill Moore, its founder, president, CEO and disabled
https://www.facebook.com/USairforce United States Air Force veteran.


Get Involved: http://www.projectnewhopema.org/support-usget-involved/donate/

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Eric Wasileski, Veterans for Peace poet, will read some of his poems at the Quaker
Meeting House on pleasant st Worcester MA…7pm November 7th.

He will also read at the Sprinkler Factory November 28th at around 1 pm along with
Richard Fox, David Williams and possibly Barbara Roberts will read her desceased brother’s peace
poetry as well.

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Worcester-MA, Worcester PopUp will open again this week with a brand new show
, the second show of its season. Friday, November 6th from 6:30-8:00pm located
at 20 Franklin St, Worcester MA. This show will dive right into the mind of an artist’s
imagination to explore the many different perspectives of how a City can be viewed.
From cityscapes to drone aerial photography, the exhibition will convey an assortment
of mixed media pieces including but not limited to photographs, videos and sculptures
representing our ever changing city landscapes. Artist whose work will be on display
include Chris Markman, Mauro DePasquale, Victor Pacheco, and Kate Murphy.

About the Artists:

Chris Markman has a MSLIS from Simmons College and works at Clark University in Academic
Technology. He is also a part-time MSIT graduate student interested in cyber security,
3D printing, cryptocurrencies, crowdsourcing, digital archives, ICT decentralization,
libraries, and VR. This exhibit will showcase Chris Markman’s Drone Aerial Photography.

Mauro DePasquale jr. is a freelance multimedia artist with over ten years of experience
in graphic design, creative writing, videography, sales and marketing, photography,
copywriting, audio production, and music performance. Look forward to Mauro’s Vector
Illustrations that will be on display.
“I found myself in need of a creative exercise to help shake off some of the more
mundane and tedious tasks I’ve been immersed in lately. Rather than debating where
to get started and what to do, I decided to look through an old sketchbook to see
if that sparked any ideas. I dug way back, from a time before I knew anything about
digital art and came across an old sketch I called “Lifeline.” It was part of a
series of self-portraits I was working on…I decided to revisit the sketch and
to turn it into vector art.” Mauro DePasquale

Kate Murphy is an artist living in Gardner, Massachusetts. Kate’s vibrant mixed
media paintings reveal complex yet ambiguous narratives of a cubist reality. “Through
abstract symbols, figures, and ideas I want to offer a sociological perspective
on different issues. My artwork often represents those who are most often unheard
in our society; giving voice to those who are misjudged or labeled.” Kate Murphy

Victor Pacheco his work is an introspection of identity formation. Multiple viewpoints of identity are engaged, including societal facts, cultural references, family identity
and community relations. He promotes viewer participation, involvement, and interaction
in the creative process as crucial in shaping, organizing and addressing the realities
and identities of Latino and African American communities. The work serves as a
portal to discussion and communication about issues relating to violence, health,
culture and economy. “My work is about observing and documenting the present. I am influenced by the local and global news. I get my concepts to create by doing informal and archival
research on social, economic and environmental issues that I deeply care about.” Victor Pacheco

About Worcester PopUp:
The Worcester PopUp is a gallery located at 20 Franklin Street, Worcester, where
creative artists and entrepreneurs bring creativity to life through rotating art
exhibitions, performances, music, good food, arts and inspiring hands-on activity.
The Worcester PopUp is brought to the City of Worcester by the Worcester Cultural
Coalition in partnership with the Business Development Corporation, funded in part
by the Greater Worcester Community Foundation.
For more information please visit: www.Facebook.com/worcesterpopup


For more information, contact:
Name: Erick Bilides
Phone: 508-799-1400×2
Email address: Culture@worcesterma.gov

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A quote to all the candidates from last night’s City council and School Commitee election race from WCCA TV’s Executive Director Mauro DePasquale
“Now all the winners of Worcester’s City Council and School Committee seem to be in. Congratulations are in order to all and THANK YOU to everyone who ran, win or loose, it takes courage to get out there and it is often a thankless job. So thanks again and thanks also to your families for their sacrifice, through the campaign process and now, into the future work ahead of the newly elected, as you embark on the service of placing ALL of Worcester first.”

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Salisbury Singers
A wonderful event

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A community Meeting at Coes Pond
City Councilor Gary Rosen writes :

“A community meeting dealing with the future Coes Knife Universally Accessible/Multi-Generational Park & Playground.

This exciting project, enhanced by the relocation of the Stearns Tavern, will be Everyone’s Park & Playground. So we want residents, businesses, community organizations and others to provide input and support every step of the way. Simply put, what are some of the types of equipment and amenities that you’d like to see to make this facility a welcoming, healthy and fun place for all?

Please join us this Monday, Nov. 9, 6:30 PM at the accessible and modern IBEW Local 96 hall, 242 Mill St.

Please forward this email to your mailing lists!”

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H 2029 An Act regarding notification of patient observations status introduced by Rep. James O’Day and cosponsored by Sen. Brian Joyce.

HEARING DATE SET: The Joint Committee on Public Health hearing will be Tuesday, December 8, 2015 at 1 PM in the Gardner Auditorium located in the basement floor at the MA STATE HOUSE in Boston. Sen. Jason Lewis and Rep.Kate Hogan are co-chairs of this committee.

“You are welcome to provide written testimony if you would like.You are also welcome to testify at the hearing. If you are coming to provide oral testimony at the hearing, the Gardner Auditorium is located on the basement floor and you should enter the State House through the General Hooker entrance, take a right after security, and take the elevator or stairs down to the basement floor.” Thank you Dennis Burke, Legislative Director and General Counsel for Sen. Lewis.

Submit testimony to both chairs via email or through postal service. If sending by email hit the receipt requested button on your email service before you hit send.

Chair: Senator Jason Lewis

JointCommittee on Public Health

Room511B State House

Boston,MA 02133

Email: Jason.Lewis@MASenate.gov

Chair: Representative Kate Hogan

Joint Committee on Public Health
Room130 StateHouse

Boston, MA 02133

Email: Kate.Hogan@MAHouse.gov
For more research: HOUSE DOCKET, NO. 2483 FILED ON: 1/15/2015 HOUSE No. 2029
The Commonwealth of Massachusetts
James J. O’Day and Brian A. Joyce
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