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Bandedge Episode number 57 with PE James and Dana Lewis will air this week

Testimonial from singer songwriter P.E. James

“I just saw the latest show featuring me and Myra MacLeod and Dana Lewis, and I was very pleased! Thank you for the opportunity to spread my music!

I alerted my co-writer just in time so she could see it on the web back in Pittsburgh. She loved it too!

If you get the chance, come on out and see Dana or me at the Grill on the Hill weekends this summer, or Myra with Blackstone Cuil. Take care, and thanks again, P.E. James ”


Bandedge Episode number 57 with PE James and Dana Lewis will air this week and next:

Tuesday May 26 at 4pm
Saturday, May 30 at 6:30pm
Monday June 1 at 10pm
Tuesday June 2 at 4pm
Saturday June 6 at 6:30pm

On WCCA TV cable channel 194 and always streaming live and on demand at wccatv.com

BANDEdge Christmas Special

WCCA TV 13’s “BANDEdge Christmas Special 2013” has been released and posted on the WCCA website for ON-DEMAND viewing at

The show will be running throughout the Christmas week. Check WCCA TV or wccatv.com for listings.

Band Edge is a WCCA TV13 produced local music show shot live
spotlighting Worcester area bands, solo singer/songwriters, and
instrumentalist. This special Band Edge presentation – 60 minutes of
Christmas music featuring: Mauro and Peter DePasquale; the WPI Stage Band;
John Marderosian; The B Brothers, Clyde Wheatley and the Hog Brothers.
Thank you for supporting local music. To get your band seen contact mauro@wccatv.com subject WCCA TV BandEdge

In fact there will be a host of Holiday Specials on WCCATV 13. Holiday treats of programs ranging from cooking tips, music of all types, cultural and religious discussions, and more . Please tune in over the holidays and enjoy.
Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays !
See you on WCCA TV !


TV130912-22013 Youth Connections Program has been posted on the WCCA website at

The Youth Connections Program was a collaboratin with WCCA TV 13 and the MCAS Program of the Worcester Public Schools. The youth invovled wanted to explore and learn more about Worcester. While reading the book “3,000 Degrees”, the youth went to different historical locations, museums, and fire stations in Worcester. During the program, they interviewed Mayor Joseph Petty along with several firefighters who were at the Cold Storage Fire in 1999. Not only did they learn about Worcester, but they had a great time in the process!


Bring Back the Music: Please help.

Over coming serious illness is not easy. But we are trying to keep hope alive, WCCA TV’s Video Jam and BANDEDGE ask you to please help Jake Gregg

Following many months of being very sick, at only 20 years old, Jake was diagnosed with Acute Myeloid Leukemia on May 29. AML is a fast acting cancer of the bone marrow and blood, rare in anyone under the age of 65. He was immediately transported to Yale-New Haven Hospital in Connecticut, to be treated by some of the best Doctors in the World. Upon his arrival to the Hospital, Jake also suffered a massive stroke within the first few hours. As a result of this, he is currently paralyzed on his left side, and struggling to speak.

Jake has already undergone many platelet transfusions, apheresis procedures, and started an aggressive 7 day Chemotherapy treatment on May 30.

Jake is guitarist/Banjo player with the band SUNCOOKED.

Thank you

YOUTH and MUSIC at WCCA this week

WCCA TV participated in, as well as videotaped, the Youth Summit held at City Hall. about 60 people attended this event. City Councilor Saria Rivera sought input from the community. The challenges facing youth are many from racial, poverty, health disparities, and lack of communication. WCCA TV plays a vital role in helping our young people to overcome these issues. TV 13 currently struggles with our budget to provide an affordable means for youth and youth organizations to: outreach; to build meaningful connections with parents and the community; to be empowered; and participate through their OWN voices; and to share their own stories. However, we can not do it alone, we rely on our community partners and our cable franchise funding to continue the work we have been doing since 1986. We applaud the initiative.

ALso this week WCCA TV’s BandEdge, Worcester’s number one live music TV show, shoots Rock Tail Renditions for some 60 style rock fun.
Thanks to our WCCA Interns for ALL they do to cover local events and to help many organizations outreach and to be a success at their respective missions.
This is Worcester’s youth at their best:

Soulphonics on Bandedge March 6 @ 10pm

Tonight at 10pm  on Bandedge on WCCA TV 13  is the local band, Soulphonics. Be sure to stay tuned for all new episodes of Soapbox at 10:30pm  followed by Know Your Rights with Ron Madnick (pictured)  at 11:30pm. Ron’s  guest tonight is Jaimie Ayers, the Treasurer of EPOCA – Ex Prisoners Organizing for Community Advancement.