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WCCA TV News Letter January – February 2017

WCCA TV Newsletter – January 2017

All Happening at WCCA TV

Testimonial by Bill Safer, Host of ‘Hidden Treasures’:

Many thanks to the WCCA TV staff and all the people who make this station fantastic! Another show done and I am at my 50th show! I get contacted, sometimes in person, about my show. People have given me a shout-out at CVS, supermarkets, and even in front of the studio! Since WCCA is worldwide on the internet, I have received questions from places like Iceland, Italy, China and many others. A gentleman in Florida was watching his computer TV and landed on WCCA and my show! Now we are pen-pals! Thanks again everyone, your work and dedication do not go unnoticed or unappreciated.

Most Sincerely,
Bill Safer

WCCA Special Presentations:

The WCCA TV ‘New Voices Awards – Singing and Poetry Competition’ is an exciting opportunity for youth in Worcester to showcase their singing as well as their poetry talent and skills. This year it was especially difficult for the judges to make their choice about who would win, because the talent was incredible!! See for yourself: http://www.wccatv.com/video/specials/NEWVOICESFINALE2016 . This program is supported in part by a grant from the Worcester Arts Council. Thanks for watching and supporting WCCA TV, The People’s Channel!!

WCCA TV was recently invited to record the District Attorney and the Central Mass Opiod Task Force ‘Opiod Awarenss Forum’ at the Worcester Technical High School. It was a unique opportunity for Worcester public school parents to hear directly from public safety officials about current state and local efforts to combat the opiod epidemic and to get substance abuse and prevention information: http://www.wccatv.com/video/specials/OPIODAWARENESSFORUM


Time for a coffee break and another episode of COFFEE WITH KONNIE. Join Konnie Lukes and her guests as they discuss city issues at Worcester area coffee shops. Konnie has coffee with Charles Longeway, the author of the book “Worcester’s Forgotten Catacombs”: http://www.wccatv.com/video/coffee-with-konnie/COFFEEWITHKONNIE483

Should substitute teachers in Worcester get a pay raise? Watch this episode of ROSEN’S ROUND TABLE to find out what host Gary Rosen and his panel members think about this issue: http://www.wccatv.com/video/rosens-roundtable/ROSENSROUNDTABLE288 . In another episode, the guys make their predictions about what’s going to happen in Worcester in 2017: http://www.wccatv.com/video/rosens-roundtable/ROSENSROUNDTABLE286

KNOW YOUR RIGHTS is a show that informs viewers of their civil rights. Host of the show, Ron Madnick, talks about U.S. Supreme Court Case: Detention and Torture of Muslim Prisoners in USA: http://www.wccatv.com/video/civil-liberties/KNOWYOURRIGHTS249 . In another episode, Ron talks about the history of the separation of Church and State in the US: http://www.wccatv.com/video/civil-liberties/KNOWYOURRIGHTS248

CONNECTING THE DOTS is a non-traditional legal program with emphasis on the attorney as a trusted advisor, with an interdisciplinary approach to solving life’s issues. Host of the program, Attorney Liz Myska, welcomesLindsey Silva, the Quality Improvement Nurse at Family Health Center of Worcester: http://www.wccatv.com/video/connecting-the-dots/CONNECTINGTHEDOTS20

EXPOSURE WITH MOSHER is a WCCA TV show that spotlights entrepreneurs, innovators, and good news. Show host Amy Mosher Berry welcomes Allison Chisolm, the author of ‘The Presiding Genius of the Place’; Alex Corrales from the Worcester Housing Authority’s ‘A Better Life’ Program; and Chantel Bethea from ‘Women in Action’: http://www.wccatv.com/video/exposure-with-amy-mosher/EXPOSUREWITHMOSHER75

ACTIVATE WORCESTER, hosted by Ron Motta, shows viewers how to participate and become active in Worcester. Ron’s guests are Worcester City Councilor, Michael Gaffney, and his wife, Coreen: http://www.wccatv.com/video/activate-worcester/ACTIVATEWORCESTER170

CLOSE TO HOME is a WCCA program about people and situations that demonstrate deep respect for mankind. Host of the show, Molly Finn, welcomes Anne Fox, the president of Mass Citizens For Life: http://www.wccatv.com/video/close-to-home/CLOSETOHOME488 . In another episode, Molly talks to Father Bill McCarthy: http://www.wccatv.com/video/close-to-home/CLOSETOHOME486

NUESTRA ESPERANZA is a Spanish-language religious program hosted by Lucy Tomey. This program has been airing on WCCA TV since 1990! Programación christiana de inspiración en Español, de mas larga duración en WCCA TV desde el año 1990, anfitriona y productora Lucy Tomey: http://www.wccatv.com/video/nuestra-esperanza/NUESTRA52_201701

HIDDEN TREASURES is a show that helps you learn how to find that hidden antique or collectible that just may add cash to your life. Host Bill Safer welcomes Mark Alzapiedi back tho the show to talk about vintage toys: http://www.wccatv.com/video/hidden-treasures/HIDDENTREASURES49

IN THE HOUSE is a WCCA TV program that shows the viewers the ins and outs of real estate, home buying and housing issues. Host George Russell welcomes Amarildo Silva to explain how a kitchen remodel is done: http://www.wccatv.com/video/in-the-house/INTHEHOUSE18

VIDEO JAM is your source for eclectic music videos. Your favorite host Tracy Foley has been presenting mainstream and indie rock for more than 10 years on cable TV public access stations. Today’s Playlist includes: AV Supersunshine/ Love NYD, Hotei/ Move It, Secret Friend/ Something’s Happening, My Silent Bravery / Warning Signs, Mako/ Wish You Back, Virginia to Vegas/ Lights Out, Matt Citron / Stay Down, The Album Leaf/ Between Waves, and more: http://www.wccatv.com/video/video-jam/VIDEOJAM919 . Keep jammin’ with WCCA TV!

Spend an hour enjoying the latest and greatest in country music WITH VIDEO JAM COUNTRY, hosted by Tracy Foley. This show features: Blackberry Smoke/ Sunrise in Texas, Jeff Bates/ That Thing We Do, Stephanie Quayle/ Drinking with Dolly, Jesse Dayton/Possum Ran Over My Grave, Camille Rae/ But I Want You, Cody McCarver/ Rise Up, Mo Pitney/ Everywhere, Drew Baldridge/ Train: http://www.wccatv.com/video/video-jam-country/VIDEOJAMCOUNTRY138 . Enjoy!!

BEN BEHIND THE SCENES is a half hour show of music videos, interviews, reviews, and short films. The show is produced by Ben Alotey, one of WCCA TV’s longest active producers. Tune into WCCA TV for another episode of this entertaining program: http://www.wccatv.com/video/ben-behind-the-scenes/BENBEHINDTHESCENES23

Tune into a new episode of SMART METERS. Featured in this episode: Canadian EMF activists raise issues about the 5G network and antenna installations; Suzanne Somers speaks against smart meters; Ali McGraw speaks against tower installations; Montgomery activists regarding Wifi in schools: http://www.wccatv.com/video/about-smart-meters/ABOUTSMARTMETERS67

SENIOR SPEAK is a WCCA program recorded at the Worcester Senior Center. Senior issues are discussed, and a good time is had by all: http://www.wccatv.com/video/senior-speak/SENIORSPEAK663. There is something for everyone on WCCA TV, now seen on cable Channel 194!


Worcester Community Cable Access is a 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation administering public access cable television for Worcester, Massachusetts. Our mission is:

*To advance democratic ideals by ensuring the people have access to electronic media
*To provide a platform for first amendment rights and for artistic and cultural expression
*To promote co-operative relations with those who serve the public interest
*To promote communication through community use of media

WCCA TV, Channeling Community Since 1986!


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WCCA TV News and Information Round UP: September 2, 2015


WCCA TV is a regional leader serving Worcester’s community media public access needs and an anchor institution that stands for Media Democracy, Media Literacy and Creative Innovation. Learn Create and Connect at WCCA TV
For more information browse this website, watch our programming on cable channel 194 or here ( at wccatv.com) , streaming live or “On-Demand”, and or contact Mauro DePasquale our Executive Director. We offer community volunteer memberships, special sponsor membership plans for businesses, Workshops and training for ALL ages, and whole lot more. Get involved, create, network, share your story, opinions, and fresh ideas on “THE PEOPLE’s CHANNEL” WCCA TV

Thanks for your support.
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THESE NEWS and INFORMATION ROUND UP blogs are a public service provided by WCCA TV .
We support all things local. If you have news to share with our community please email press releases to jen@wccatv.com and mauro@wccatv.com thank you.

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September 1, 2015

MCC Approves $12M for Public Programs in the Arts, Sciences & Humanities

(Boston, MA)-The Massachusetts Cultural Council (MCC) today approved a spending plan
for the coming year that will invest more than $12 million in grants to nonprofit
cultural organizations, local cultural councils, education programs, and working
artists across the Commonwealth.

MCC-s FY16 spending plan benefits from a $2 million increase to its state
appropriation, overwhelmingly approved by the Legislature last month. The increase
represented another important step toward restoring funding for the arts,
humanities, and sciences that was lost through recession-driven budget cuts. The MCC
Board voted unanimously to approve a plan that will invest in the following:

Nonprofit Cultural Organizations: $4.5 million – The Cultural Investment Portfolio (
http://masscultural.pmailus.com/pmailweb/ct?d=AMET5j4ADgABAAAGkwAJBsc ) (CIP)
comprises 389 nonprofit arts, humanities, and science organizations across
Massachusetts. These organizations connect children and adults to theatre, music,
visual art, and film; teach them about history, literature, and the environment; and
introduce them to new languages and cultural traditions. Cultural Investment
Portfolio grants must be matched one to one, and range from $2,500 to $56,500. See
FY16 CIP funding list (
http://masscultural.pmailus.com/pmailweb/ct?d=AMET5j4ADgABAAAIyQAJBsc ) .

Communities: $3 million – MCC-s 329 Local Cultural Councils (
http://masscultural.pmailus.com/pmailweb/ct?d=AMET5j4ADgABAAAJ-gAJBsc ) (LCCs) make
up the largest public grassroots arts network in the nation. They provide funding to
every city and town in Massachusetts through the efforts of more than 2,300
volunteers. The councils support local arts and history, fund school field trips,
and sponsor local concerts and exhibitions. Grants to LCCs range from $4,400 for the
smallest towns to $117,400 for Springfield and $179,000 for Boston, according to a
formula that reflects the state’s local aid system. See FY16 LCC allocations (
http://masscultural.pmailus.com/pmailweb/ct?d=AMET5j4ADgABAAAMYQAJBsc ) .

Creative Youth Development: $2.1 million – MCC works to expand access to quality,
creative learning experiences in school and community settings. This year-s budget
increase allows the agency to continue to deepen its investment in this work and
meet growing demand statewide.
* The YouthReach Initiative (
http://masscultural.pmailus.com/pmailweb/ct?d=AMET5j4ADgABAAAO-AAJBsc ) makes
grants to cultural and community-based organizations to support in-depth arts,
humanities, and science programs for young people at risk. See FY16 YouthReach
funding list (
http://masscultural.pmailus.com/pmailweb/ct?d=AMET5j4ADgABAAAQEwAJBsc ) .

* SerHacer ( http://masscultural.pmailus.com/pmailweb/ct?d=AMET5j4ADgABAAARKgAJBsc
) supports a growing number of intensive, ensemble-based music programs that use
music as a vehicle for youth development and social change. Through grants,
technical assistance, and project support the MCC will foster this emerging field
of music making in the Commonwealth. See FY16 SerHacer funding list (
http://masscultural.pmailus.com/pmailweb/ct?d=AMET5j4ADgABAAAStAAJBsc ) .

* STARS Residencies (
http://masscultural.pmailus.com/pmailweb/ct?d=AMET5j4ADgABAAATxwAJBsc ) connect
artists, scientists and other creative teachers with elementary and secondary
schools for deep learning experiences that help students grow, develop new skills,
and expand their imaginations.

* Big Yellow School Bus (
http://masscultural.pmailus.com/pmailweb/ct?d=AMET5j4ADgABAAAVjQAJBsc ) grants help
schools meet the transportation costs of educational field trips to cultural
institutions across Massachusetts.
* Poetry Out Loud (
http://masscultural.pmailus.com/pmailweb/ct?d=AMET5j4ADgABAAAXBQAJBsc ) is a
national competition in which high school students memorize and perform classic and
contemporary poems and explore the dynamic aspects of slam poetry, spoken work, and
theatre in their English and drama classes. Over ten years the Huntington Theatre
Co. has expanded this program to more than 50,000 Massachusetts students.

Creative Economy: $1 million – This includes new grants for state-designated
Massachusetts Cultural Districts (
http://masscultural.pmailus.com/pmailweb/ct?d=AMET5j4ADgABAAAZowAJBsc ) , and a new
Festivals Program, along with the 10-year-old Adams Arts Program (
http://masscultural.pmailus.com/pmailweb/ct?d=AMET5j4ADgABAAAadgAJBsc ) that
supports partnerships that use arts and culture to drive community development. And
the Cultural Data Project (
http://masscultural.pmailus.com/pmailweb/ct?d=AMET5j4ADgABAAAbVgAJBsc ) , which
measures the economic impact of the nonprofit cultural sector. See FY16 Adams
funding list ( http://masscultural.pmailus.com/pmailweb/ct?d=AMET5j4ADgABAAAcLAAJBsc
) .

UP Accessibility Program: $145,000 – UP (
http://masscultural.pmailus.com/pmailweb/ct?d=AMET5j4ADgABAAAdZAAJBsc ) will support
the growth and development of organizations that recognize the power of inclusive
design to grow audiences and enhance cultural experiences for all, and that embrace
inclusivity as core to their mission.

Artist Fellowships: $441,000 – This year MCC celebrates 40 years of support for
working artists through its Artist Fellowships (
http://masscultural.pmailus.com/pmailweb/ct?d=AMET5j4ADgABAAAfmQAJBsc ) . Additional
funds allow MCC to boost Artist Fellowships in a range of disciplines to $12,000.

Mass Humanities: $528,420 – The MCC provides an annual partnership grant to Mass
Humanities ( http://masscultural.pmailus.com/pmailweb/ct?d=AMET5j4ADgABAAAhSAAJBsc )
, which supports public programs in history, literature, and other humanities
disciplines to enhance and improve civic life in the Commonwealth.

New England Foundation for the Arts: $50,000 – The MCC continues its investment in
the New England Foundation for the Arts (
http://masscultural.pmailus.com/pmailweb/ct?d=AMET5j4ADgABAAAjDgAJBsc ) ,
collaborating on mutually supportive activities that serve the citizens of
Massachusetts and provide opportunities for Mass. artists, presenters, and
communities to benefit from programs that serve the six New England states and

About the Massachusetts Cultural Council
The MCC is a state agency supporting the arts, sciences, and humanities, to improve
the quality of life in Massachusetts and its communities. It pursues its mission
through a combination of grants, services, and advocacy for nonprofit cultural
organizations, schools, communities, and artists. MCC’s total budget for the current
fiscal year is $15.7 million, which includes annual grants from the National
Endowment for the Arts and other sources. For more information, please visit
www.massculturalcouncil.org (
http://masscultural.pmailus.com/pmailweb/ct?d=AMET5j4ADgABAAAmlAAJBsc ) .

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Massachusetts Receives $500,000 Grant to Boost State Exports

BOSTON – On Wednesday, September 2nd at 2:15PM, Secretary Jay Ash of the
Commonwealth of Massachusetts Executive Office of Housing and Economic Development
and Senior Officials from the SBA will convene a joint press event to announce
increased funding to increase Massachusetts export sales.

The Massachusetts Office of International Trade and Investment (MOITI) was awarded a
$500,000 State Trade and Export Promotion (STEP) grant through the SBA that will
enable MOITI (in collaboration with the MA Export Center and Massachusetts Small
Business Development Center Network), to reimburse eligible Massachusetts small
businesses for qualified export-promotion expenses including trade show
participation, overseas marketing and localization, and subscription services from
the U.S. Department of Commerce.

Media Invited to Attend

* Jay Ash, Secretary, Commonwealth of Massachusetts Executive Office of
Housing and Economic Development

* Nam Pham, Assistant Secretary of Business Development and International
Trade, Commonwealth of Massachusetts, Executive Office of Housing and Economic

* Seth Goodall, SBA New England Regional Administrator

* Robert Nelson, SBA Massachusetts District Director

What: Announcing a $500,000 SBA grant received by the Massachusetts Office of
International Trade and Investment (MOITI)
Where: MA State House, Governor’s Press Conference Room (157)
When: Wednesday, September 2nd 2015 at 2:15pm

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Brookline Public Access fights for a just renewal

Dear Friend, BIG still needs your support at the second public hearing regarding the
Town’s renegotiation with Comcast. Can you write a letter and/or come show your
support at a public hearing that will support the future of community media and BIG
in Brookline for the upcoming hearing on Wednesday, September 16th at 7pm at
Brookline Town Hall?
Below you will find links to our flyer and a FAQ about these hearings, held by the
Town, in support of its upcoming negotiation with Comcast. Please RSVP or direct any
questions to:
kathy@ brooklineinteractive.org.

We are focusing our specific requests
around the asks for Comcast below, but please share anything about why supporting
continued funding for community media in Brookline, and why BIG’s services are
important to you and to our community.
Each speaker will have 3-5 mins, and it’s perfectly fine to read from a letter of
support. The goal is to get testimony on the public record so that Comcast can’t say
the community did not ask for these important items during the process.
– Full operational and capital funding for community media in Brookline (BIG) based
on community need (let the Town know why you value BIG’s resources, staff,
services, educational programs, equipment, trainings, cable channels, use of BIG’s
space and facilities, etc)
– Inclusion in Comcast’s Program Guide (detailed program listings for BIG) &
Funding for Closed Captioning

– Provide Community Channels in HD to Brookline (Many cities and towns are now
getting HD from Comcast….Philadelphia, Manhattan, Portland and Eugene OR,
Longmeadow, MA, and others)Thank you for your continued support of community media
in Brookline!
Warmly,Kathy –Kathy Bisbee Executive Director, Brookline Interactive Group (BIG)

GOOD LUCK KATHY, We hope your town administration understands the value and strategic benefits of public access.

# # #


Contact:Janice Weekes Director, Workforce Central Career Center, 508-373-7628

Worcester Common to host 3rd Annual UnCommon Job Fair

WHO: City of Worcester; Workforce Central Career Centers;
Central MA Workforce Investment Board; Veterans, Inc.; SnapChef; Grafton Job Corps

WHAT: Approximately 70 employers with hundreds of available jobs
will participate in the 2015 UnCommon Job Fair. Last year’s event attracted close to
900 local job seekers.

WHERE: Worcester Common, behind Worcester City Hall, 455 Main St.

WHEN: Friday September 4th from 11 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. (Rain date:
Friday, September 18th same time and location)

WHY: With the unemployment rate in Worcester County (*5.2
percent) remaining higher than the state average (*4.9 percent), and many job
seekers still struggling to find gainful employment, the UnCommon Job Fair allows
people looking for their next opportunity a chance to connect with area employers
looking to hire.

DETAILS: The UnCommon Job Fair is a unique variation on the
traditional job fair format and offers businesses and job seekers a more relaxed
environment to connect and network.
*Mass.gov Labor Information:

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INDIE MUSIC ARTIST TESTIMONIAL: WCCA TV , Worcester’s longest running and most prestigious network for music talent helps promote and encourage music innovation and the creative economy.

An artist, featured on Video Jam, wrote
the show to say thank you .

” Hi there Tracy ( producer of Video JAM ),
I hope this email finds you and the team at Video Jam doing well and enjoying the summer!
I wanted to drop you a line to say thank you so much for showing my video for “I Wanna Be Famous” some love and for giving us some wonderful exposure recently. Myself and the director worked very hard on our labor of love and we sure appreciate the coverage.
Thanks again and have a wonderful weekend!
Cariad ”

Thanks for sharing your music with Worcester and the world. As they say make music not war ! Get your talent seen in the spot light it deserves contact mauro@wccatv.com .

# # #

Have a nice day !

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Worcester Resident offers an open video letter to City Manager and City Council


Here is a resident of Worcester with an open letter to the City Manager and the City Council

Her testimony echos what we have documented at all of the community public hearings, cable franchise ascertainment hearings, cable committee meetings, and cable related community forums.
We hope the City Administration and the Council will listen and take this call to action to work to see WCCA’s community media needs are met. We understand Cynthia’s appeal, along with her sentiments, are shared by a great many.

All of us at WCCA TV, including our Board of Directors, Staff, members and participants look for your demonstrated support through the renewed cable license.

The license expired in January and we are waiting patiently for the renewal with improvements to ensure WCCA’s community media needs can be realistically met.

Cooking Adventures with Mary is back on WCCA TV 13!

More Creative Innovation at TV 13.

Mary with her production assistant and husband Bill.

We are happy to announce that “Cooking Adventures with Mary” is back on WCCA TV 13!
What began as a family tradition for Mary Pauplis turned into a lifetime passion that has earned the Hudson, Massachusetts resident regional awards and multiple cookbook deals. She even has her own cable access TV show, Cooking Adventures with Mary. Many of Mary’s Italian recipes are from her mother and grandmother and have been family staples for decades. Learn how to cook pork tenderloin with sun dried tomatoes, puttanesca and garlic shrimp sauce, chicken and eggplant and so much more by tuning into Cooking Adventures with Mary on WCCA TV 13 , public access television for Worcester.


Do want to see what EMPOWERING TV is ? Watch WCCA TV 13

What’s on WCCA TV 13? Plenty of great local programming and in studio educational activities! Young people explore the art Comedy and video production, producing hilarious skits, musical acts and more…by kids for kids . . .that’s “Wacky Factory” and that’s on WCCA TV Ch. 13. “Bioneers” is a program that exists to inspire a shift to live on the Earth and to honor the web of life, each other, and the future. talk about WCCA’s role in STEM education, be sure to tune into “Bioneers” weekly on WCCA TV 13.

Are you, or someone you know, dealing with an addiction? Do you need help? Then be sure to tune into “Road to Recovery” every week on WCCA TV 13. Topics of the show include: Young Adults in Recovery; Peer Recovery Support and
Prevention and Early Intervention in Behavioral Health.

Hosted by former Worcester City Councilor At -Large, Gary Rosen, “Rosen’s Round Table” is a panel discussion dealing with topical and often controversial political and educational issues. Tune into “Rosen’s Round Table” for interesting and insightful local commentary.

Here’s a show that just might earn you money buy watching it. Learn how to find that hidden antique or collectible to add cash to your life with Bill Safer on “Hidden Treasures”.

Connecting the world to ideas-one interview at a time- that’s the always informative “Ramona’s Interviews” with Ramona Pokloy on WCCA TV 13.

Don’t forget our staples such as “NEWS 13”. You are invited to watch or come on down to participate along with WCCA volunteers and Interns as they form and collaborate in exciting partnerships with community organizations to produce this free flow of local news and information. And of course “SOAPBOX” the show that builds bridges between the viewer and the interviewee.

There is plenty more on Worcester’s favorite TV station and Community Anchor Institution for Democratic media and creative innovation.

LEARN CREATE CONNECT WCCA TV 13 “The People’s Channel”