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WCCA TV new state of the art TV and Video creation technology is rockin’ it !

WCCA TV has broadened it’s studio and field resources and technology taking the collective stories of the all the People and organizations of Worcester further than ever. WCCA TV distribution has expanded to include more streaming channels and with our Video production and world class editing systems YOU, the community members of WCCA TV can produce Hollywood quality productions. So whether it’s for Creative Artisitic applications and learning, or Outreach or to simply share your story and mission, WCCA TV “The People’s Channel” is your MEDIA PARTNER YOUR CHANNEL YOUR TV Station and more.

” Hello Tracy, Thank you so much for all you guys do and I love the new equipment! All my best.” Melissa Boucher, Administrative Assistant Worcester District Medical Society

Melissa is one of Community Producers for the Worcester District Medical Society’s HEALTH MATTERS show seen on WCCA TV

” This new tool gives us the “magic bullet” that we’ve needed!” Ron Motta host and Community Producer of ACTIVE WORCESTER

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