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Public Access TV show, “The Garage with Steve Butler”, may go national!

Public Access TV show, “The Garage with Steve Butler”, may go national!

We at WCCA applaud and congratulate Steve. He placed a tremendous amount of effort into his amazing show, and, as in other public access shows, Public Access media centers helped ensure his vision and dream became a reality.

Do you remember the movie Wayne’s World? Wayne and Garth started a music television show out of their basement. It aired on their local community access television station. Eventually it grew in popularity and went national.

Well – That’s how The Garage with Steve Butler got its start.

He originally had the idea after he lost his job as director of the woodworking program at a major craft school. He thought he’d film himself working, with the hopes that someone like WCCA TV, would see it and air it.

Five years later his show has grown. It now airs regularly on more than 580 cable access channels, including WCCA TV on Saturdays at 12pm , across the states, and has created a wonderful community consisting of woodworkers, musicians and artists.

Now Steve has the opportunity to go national!

PBS stations across the nation have given him the opportunity to air the show – but it is expensive.

Please help Steve Butler keep this incredible community alive and keep the show in production by donating to his INDIEGOGO Project page.Once leaving the public access realm, productions become very very expensive for individuals. That is why PUBLIC ACCESS EXIST to give EVERYONE a chance in the media world.