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Gary Rosen Host 17th Worcester District State Representative Debate. WCCA will air live on FACEBOOK and video tape for cable and free on-demand viewing

WCCA is proud to co-sponsor the 17th Worcester District State Representative Debate between Kate Campanale and Moses Dixon

house_debateThursday, October 27 from 7:00 PM – 8:30 PM at Our Lady of Angels hall, 1222 Main St., Worcester.

Here is the format:

Introductions of host, moderator and three panelists. Moderator reviews rules and time limits. (9 minutes)

1) 90 second opening statement by each candidate (total of 3 minutes)

2) 45 minutes: Questions asked by three panelists and directed to one candidate who will have up to 90 secs. to respond. Then the other candidate will have 60 secs for rebuttal. Finally, the first candidate will have 30 secs for a final response.

3) 30 minutes: Lincoln-Douglas style in which candidates alternate in asking questions directly of each other.
Note: Time specs. listed in #2 will be enforced.

4) 90 second closing statement by each candidate (total of 3 minutes)

Through announcements, social media and other forms of publicity, please help us to inform the public of this interesting and educational event. Please feel free to forward this email with attached flyer.

ALL are welcome to attend.