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  • Cable Companies Threaten to de-fund free speech community public access television. Save your Public Access Centers.

    We call upon the FCC to reject the proposal coming from Cable companies to defund our PEG channels. PEG channels provide Cable customers with the only truly LOCAL programming on their cable systems, and, at the same time, empower their customers and build community through digital inclusion, and education and access to the tools and […]

  • FCC Threatens Community PUBLIC ACCESS Television

    Thanks to our friends at Brattleboro Community Television, we are sharing this. Take a moment to write a letter to protect the media outlets that truly empower your voice, your story, your views and opinions, your interest. Thank you. FCC Threatens Community Television On September 25, the FCC issued proposed rulemaking (Docket 05-311) that could […]

  • How an FCC proposal could hurt Latinos

    How an FCC proposal could hurt Latinos By Gus West There are few things that Latinos consume more than broadcast news. According to the Pew Hispanic Center, 86 percent of Latino adults say that on a typical weekday they get their news from television, and nearly 70 percent say they rely on Spanish language news […]

  • Senators Push Back on FCC revision in JUST favor of consumers, municipalities, and PUBLIC ACCESS MEDIA CENTERS

    http://katyonthehill.com/dem-senators-push-back-on-fcc-revisions-to-cable-regulation/ “One of the primary outcomes of state regulation in Illinois has been incumbent cable ops abandoning local franchise negotiations to opt into the state deal. It definitely hasn’t increased competition and in significant ways has lowered the bar on public benefits.” Barbara Popovic CAN TV Chicargo “If the proposed rule is implemented, all cable […]

  • FCC wireless spectrum quandary

    Use it or loose it. FCC considers to “auction off” bands of spectrum to giant telcos. What do you think? Watch he video. Folks we are really talking about public space being sold so a select few can profit.