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WCCA TV YOUTH MEDIA TEAM has fun while documenting the Worcester Ecotarium Tree Climbing Expedition . The group produced a video to journal the fun and it has been posted on the WCCA website at
Ecotarium Tree Climb FUN

WCCA TV YOUTH MEDIA TEAM members took part in the Tree Climbing Expedition at the Ecotarium in Worcester, Mass. where they learned how to use tree climbing equipment from experienced climbers. You can even don a harness and helmet and ascend by rope into the leafy canopy of one of the savanna’s giant oaks.

Tree Climbing Expeditions are held for a maximum of 10 climbers (must be at least 7 years old) and a total expedition size of 20 participants. Chaperones are required for children up to age 16 (one adult per 10 children).

NEW on WCCA TV 13: Energizing Faith, Behind the scenes with a local Movie Maker, A High School Survivor’s Guide

The Diversity of programming on Worcester’s Public Access Channel is amazing !

What’s on WCCA TV 13? Plenty of great local programming created or presented to us by your friends and neighbors. Alcanzado Vidas is a religious show that targets the Spanish community of Worcester. Evangelist Luis Velazquez preaches the word of God to people destroyed by illness, drug addiction, and divorce.

Tune in weekly on WCCA TV Ch. 13 and online at wccatv.com.

Ben Allotey, longtime member of WCCA TV and producer of Youth Session, is back on the channel with “Ben: Behind the Scenes” . Check out Ben and his guests on line at wccatv.com, on video on -demand, or watch it weekly on WCCA TV 13.

The program “High School : A Survivor’s Guide” takes a look at a number of issues that high school students face such as bullying, prescription drug misuse, eating disorders, teenage depression, gay bashing and more. Be sure to tune into “High School : A Survivor’s Guide” on WCCA TV channel 13 and as it streams live on line at wccatv.com.

We look forward to seeing YOU on WCCA TV 13 “The People’s Channel”