Downtown Worcester Arts Community Happening at WCCA TV

Located in the center of Worcester’s downtown Theater District is WCCA TV, since 1986. We moved to 415 Main street in 1998, we were here when most of the City’s downtown was at it’s worst with little else happening and in great need of revival. We are strong advocates for our public access mission. We are TV BY FOR and OF THE PEOPLE !


We helped bring vibrancy and life to our neighborhood by offering video creatives an space to work in to tell and share their stories or for non profit entities, and others, to reach out to a wide audience. We are a place for creativity, exploration, sharing , and story telling. Expressing it all in a sort of virtual electronic park. Where everyone is invited to play and create. A virtue common place.

WCCA TV is proud of our work and mission. WCCA is a source of empowerment for the disenfranchised. Whether it is helping to develop audiences for various community purposes, or to highlight artist achievement, in virtually any genre, or elevating many community organizations, we are meeting that need in a unique way, open to all.

WCCA TV is also much more. A premier center form media literacy, and media democracy, we are also inclusive, participatory and a vibrant creative space, dedicating to nurturing a diversity of content creation and where storytelling floursihes. It is all shared broadly to large audiences via cable channel 194 or on-line on multiple world wide platforms. We are also documenting and curating community history in making.

WCCA is one of the most continually creative, cultural spaces in Worcester where 100% of our programing reflects our community who create the content themselves. Meaningful media with intention that values community over profits.

The People’s Channel needs you. To participate, to be a part of the conversation that is Worcester, to create, or to watch and or to support this cultural WORCESTER centered mission.

Last but not least, we are most grateful to the community we serve and to the City leadership for supporting our mission, and also thankful for ALL who volunteer and provide sustainable support to maintain and uphold our mission.


See you on WCCA TV 194 or on line at wccatv.com or anywhere on social media.


Why Watch TV when YOU can make it ?

WCCA TV is seeking Interns majoring or interested in TV production/TV Journalism/ Community Television
This is an opportunity to apply skills in TV/photo journalism, Television Production, Audio-Video, Editing, Computer Graphics, Set Designer, Interviews, Public Speaking, Acting, Script Writing, Studio and ENG Field production, etc. in a real word-out of the class room setting. This is an ideal opportunity for any communications, film, TV production, Journalism , applied arts, student.

The station is located at 415 Main Street, Downtown Worcester, and the period for Intern Registration and Interviews begins Sept . 9, 2013 and remains ongoing throughout the season.

Call today or any time for appointment or send a letter of interest accompanied by a brief bio and supplemental materials , to Jen Picherri, “WCCA NEWS 13”
415 Main Street, Worcester MA 01608 or email material to jen@wccatv.com

WCCA TV is non-profit Public Access TV which presents programming that is made BY, FOR and OF the PEOPLE, contact Jen at 508-755-1880 ext. 13

Please feel free to share this. Thanks for your support !

I look forward to seeing you on TV 13 !
Mauro DePasquale, WCCA TV