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WCCA TV Newsletter for July 2015

I am constantly amazed at the level and volume of programming produced by our community media members, volunteers, staff and interns. CONGRATULATIONS and THANK YOU to all of you who selflessly spend your time, generously, to building community through electronic community media at WCCA TV. This is a massive creative undertaking and really is a result of team work. A team that works very hard for the benefit of all of Worcester. This newsletter represents a tip of the iceberg of ALL THAT IS HAPPENING at WCCA TV. There is something here for everyone.
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Mauro DePasquale, Executive Director, WCCA TV
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Great news! Worcester’s WCCA TV NEW VOICES winner, Trinity, has won her way to the finals of Community Auditions. She won her spot on CA by winning the grand prize on the WCCA TV New Voices Awards. She is the real deal and she’s got VOICE! Trinity shares her talent this week on the show. Be sure to tune in and show her some support:
Ellen Ganley of the Worcester Community Action Council wrote: ‘Thanks to Mauro DePasquale and WCCA TV for having WCAC on as a guest on Soapbox last week to chat about our Youth Works Summer Jobs Program. Pre-employment training and work readiness skills underway this week for some 350 youth who next week will be placed in jobs throughout the City! Thanks to WCCA for helping us spread the word about this important program and thanks to the many, many community partners who make it possible.’ Watch WCCA’s SOAPBOX on Cable Channel 194 and at http://www.wccatv.com. There are over 1,000 episodes of Soapbox and many are available on demand at http://www.wccatv.com/video

WCCA TV Special Presentations

Have you heard of TED TALKS ? Well now Worcester has it’s own version. If you like TED you will love “ROTARY COMMUNIITY SERVICE TALKS”


A special presentation on Bravehearts Championship Ring Ceremony at Fitton Field in Worcester has been posted on our website: http://www.wccatv.com/video/specials/BRAVEHEARTSRING2015 . The event was recorded by our intern Jeremy Johnson and edited by WCCA TV’s Adam Rice.

A special presentation on the 2015 Food Truck Festival has been posted on the WCCA website:
Anne-Marie Aigner, Executive Producer of the Food Truck Festival, describes how festival featured more than twenty of the region’s most popular food trucks serving up a variety of fan favorites, including local seafood, BBQ, whopee pies and much more. This presentation features Fathers Day shout outs from the locals as well!

WCCA TV’s Joseph Townsend and Adam Rice recently attended the College Community Connections Banquet at Worcester Technical High School. WCCA TV is proud to be one of the founding partners of this beneficial program over a decade ago. It has been a great program with the youth this year, in partnership with the Worcester Public Schools. The youth are a blessing every summer and we look forward to continuing our partnership with Worcester Public Schools in the future! Also, thank you Harvard Pilgrim Health Care for being a supporter of the WCCA TV programming!


Tune into SOAPBOX, a WCCA TV flagship program that has welcome more than 2,000 community people and organizations to share their stories and missions. Host of the show and WCCA TV’s Executive Director, Mauro DePasquale, talks to Claire Schaeffer-Duffy about her recent experience in Jordan and Lebanon: http://www.wccatv.com/video/soapbox/SOAPBOX1025 . In another episode, Mauro’s guests are Charla Hixson, Grace Sliwoski, and Chad McClain from the Worcester Community Action Council: http://www.wccatv.com/video/soapbox/SOAPBOX1026 . To find out more about the REC Farmers Market, watch this episode with guests Krista Burden and Noel Allen: http://www.wccatv.com/video/soapbox/SOAPBOX1023 . There is something for everyone on WCCA TV, now seen on Cable Channel 194!

There have been five talks on race in Worcester. What has been accomplished? Watch ROSEN’S ROUND TABLE to find out what host Gary Rosen and his panel members have to say: http://www.wccatv.com/video/rosens-roundtable/ROSENSROUNDTABLE221

BEACON HILL CHAT is a program with interesting people talking about the interesting things going on in Central Massachusetts. Host of the show, Senator Harriette Chandler, welcomes two Worcester High School Salutatorians: Nicole from Sough High School and Yen from University Park Campus School. Find out what they talk about: http://www.wccatv.com/video/beacon-hill-chat/BEACONHILLCHAT200

Time for a coffee break and another episode of COFFEE WITH KONNIE! Join host Konnie Lukes and her guests as they discuss city issues at Worcester area coffee shops. In this episode Konnie chats with romance novelist Loretta Chekani: http://www.wccatv.com/video/coffee-with-konnie/COFFEEWITHKONNIE454

CLOSE TO HOME is a show about people and situations that demonstrate deep respect for mankind. The program is hosted by Molly Finn. Molly welcomes Father Daniel J. Becker from St Paul’s Parish to talk about Fatima: http://www.wccatv.com/video/close-to-home/CLOSETOHOME445

HEALTH MATTERS is a program from the Worcester District Medical Society that focuses on important health related issues. Host Dr. James Broadhurst welcomes to the show Dr. John Fisher and Dr. Hugh Silk to talk about Protecting Public Health and Community Water Fluoridation: http://www.wccatv.com/video/health-matters/HEALTHMATTERS159 . Because your health matters!

EXPOSURE WITH MOSHER spotlights local entrepreneurs, innovators, and good news. Show creator and host Amy Mosher welcomes Paul Robinson, Wendy Harrop, and DJ George Whitehouse: http://www.wccatv.com/video/exposure-with-amy-mosher/EXPOSUREWITHMOSHER38

ROTARY COMMUNITY SERVICE (RCS) is a program produced by the Rotary Club of Worcester and rotarian Rich Prager, in association with WCCA TV, featuring keynote speakers from the rotary meetings. This episode features the Rotary Group Study Exchange Team from District 2060 North East Italy: http://www.wccatv.com/video/rotary-community-service/ROTARY25 . Another episode features J. Martin Shanahan from the U.S. Department of Labor: http://www.wccatv.com/video/rotary-community-service/ROTARY27

KNOW YOUR RIGHTS is a WCCA TV show that informs viewers of their civil rights. Host of the show Ron Madnick talks about the new Massachusetts Earned Sick Leave Law: http://www.wccatv.com/video/civil-liberties/KNOWYOURRIGHTS194

HEALTH BODIES, HEALTHY MINDS, hosted by Paul Richard, is a collaboration with the SHINE Initiative to raise awareness on mental health challenges facing youth. Paul’s guests, Gail Epstein and Deb Shrier, are here to talk about Addressing the Behavioral Health of Elementary School Youth: http://www.wccatv.com/video/health-bodies-healthy-minds-/HEALTHYBODIES19

VIDEO JAM is your source for eclectic music videos. Your stunning host Tracy Foley has been presenting mainstream and indie rock for more than 10 years on cable TV public access stations. Today playlist includes: Dash Berlin & Syzz, Cariad Harmon, Blowup Hollywood, New Black Shades, Evan Stone & The Translucent Ham Sandwich Band, Steve Aoki ft. Lincoln Park, Alina Baraz and Galimatias, and more: http://www.wccatv.com/video/video-jam/VIDEOJAM856 . Tune into Video Jam for some the newest and finest tracks out there. Keep jammin’ with WCCA TV!!

SOUND CHECK, produced by the WCCA TV intern Stefano Trafecante, is a real-life, unscripted program featuring the local talents of bands and song writers in the Worcester local area. This Xmas in July episode is sort of Late Night with Sean Connolly: http://www.wccatv.com/video/sound-check/SOUNDCHECKSPECIAL . Another episode features Peyote Radio Theatre, a tribute to Jeff Buckley: http://www.wccatv.com/video/sound-check/SOUNDCHECK6 . Exclusively on WCCA TV!

Ramona Pokoly is the host of RAMONA INTERVIEWS, one of the longest running and most successful talk shows produced at WCCA TV. The show has featured hundred of interesting guests, from all backgrounds and walks of life. This time Ramona’s guest is Joseph Raulinaitis from the FDA: http://www.wccatv.com/video/ramona-interviews/RAMONAINTERVIEWS198

HIDDEN TREASURES, by Bill Safer, helps you learn how to find that hidden antique or collectible that just may add cash to your life. Bill welcomes the owner of The Gun Parlor, Justin Gabriel, back to the show: http://www.wccatv.com/video/hidden-treasures/HIDDENTREASURES33

NUESTRA ESPERANZA is a Spanish-language religious program hosted by Lucy Tomey. The show has been aired on WCCA TV since 1990! Programación christiana de inspiración en Español, de mas larga duración en WCCA TV desde el año 1990, anfitriona y productora Lucy Tomey: http://www.wccatv.com/video/nuestra-esperanza/NUESTRA15_201507

Tune into our new show IN THE HOUSE and learn the ins and outs of real estate, home buying, and housing issues with host George Russell. George welcomes Mullen Sawyer, the Executive Director of the Oak Hill CDC and Neighbor Works in Worcester: http://www.wccatv.com/video/in-the-house/INTHEHOUSE3

SENIOR SPEAK is a delightful and informative show for seniors and by seniors, hosted by Edith Morgan and the gang at the Worcester Senior Center. Senior issues are discussed and a good time is had by all: http://www.wccatv.com/video/senior-speak/SENIORSPEAK591 . Senior Speak is recorded at the Worcester Senior Center, on Tuesdays at 2PM. Stop by and be part of the show! Stop by the Senior Center on Thursday afternoons to play bingo with WCCA TV show hosts Gary Rosen and Ron Motta.

STATIC FUSION ‘Experimental Television’ has been posted on the WCCA website:
http://www.wccatv.com/video/static-fusion/STATICFUSION318 . Static Fusion is an alternative performance art and musical variety program produced with the facilities of WCCA TV. The show is put together by the creative genius of Jim Racicot and Allen Levine.

The above was just a glimpse of the WCCA TV diverse and multicultural programming. We’ve finally gotten around to setting up a new email newsletter program and want to make sure you still want to hear from us. We hope you do, as our newsletter will update you on new programs and happenings at WCCA TV as well as our community in general. If you want to stay on our list, click here to renew your subscription http://eepurl.com/bni84n

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Worcester Community Cable Access is a 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation administering public access cable television for Worcester, Massachusetts. Our mission is:
*To advance democratic ideals by ensuring the people have access to electronic media
*To provide a platform for first amendment rights and for artistic and cultural expression
*To promote co-operative relations with those who serve the public interest
*To promote communication through community use of media

WCCA TV, is a community anchor institution that stands for MEDIA DEMOCRACY, MEDIA LITERACY, and CREATIVE INNOVATION. We’ve been Channeling Community Since 1986!

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Enjoy the remainder of summer and thank YOU !
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