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MORE JAZZ ON WCCA TV 194 and at wccatv.com

If you love JAZZ you will not want to miss this month’s edition of Jazz from the ‘Combs,
featuring the Dick Odgren Trio with Bob Simonelli, Mark Halovnia and Dick Odgren . This program is produced at the Milford public access center.
Check out WCCA’s roster of local music shows: Video Jam, BandEdge and various music specials as well.
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BANDEdge Christmas Special

WCCA TV 13’s “BANDEdge Christmas Special 2013” has been released and posted on the WCCA website for ON-DEMAND viewing at

The show will be running throughout the Christmas week. Check WCCA TV or wccatv.com for listings.

Band Edge is a WCCA TV13 produced local music show shot live
spotlighting Worcester area bands, solo singer/songwriters, and
instrumentalist. This special Band Edge presentation – 60 minutes of
Christmas music featuring: Mauro and Peter DePasquale; the WPI Stage Band;
John Marderosian; The B Brothers, Clyde Wheatley and the Hog Brothers.
Thank you for supporting local music. To get your band seen contact mauro@wccatv.com subject WCCA TV BandEdge

In fact there will be a host of Holiday Specials on WCCATV 13. Holiday treats of programs ranging from cooking tips, music of all types, cultural and religious discussions, and more . Please tune in over the holidays and enjoy.
Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays !
See you on WCCA TV !