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  • WCCA TV News and Information Round Up: March 1, 2016

    VOTE TODAY # # # SOAPBOX TESTIMONY FROM DCF: ” I am so grateful for the support. We had a blast. Mauro is top shelf! Best, Va Lynda # # # Vice Chair of the City Council discusses the City Budget, Taxes and more on WCCA TV City Council Vice Chair Michael Gaffney appears on […]

  • ALL HAPPENING AT WCCA TV “The People’s Channel” 194 and at wccatv.com

    WCCA TV NEWSLETTER October 30, 2015 All Happening at WCCA TV SING FOR THE YEAR, SING FOR THE LAUGHTER, SING FOR THE TEAR! WCCA TV is seeking young singers between the ages of 14-19 for an exciting ANNUAL singing competition β€œNEW VOICES AWARDS 2015”. This is an exclusive WCCA TV and unique vocal competition for […]

  • KNOW YOUR RIGHTS producer testifies about WCCA TV 13

    Here’s another Testimonial by Ron Madnick a community producer. Ron testifies to the value of WCCA TV 13 “THE PEOPLE’S CHANNEL” public access in Worcester. Thank you for your support Mauro

  • WCCA TV 13 to cable/webcast “Candidate Profile: City Council”

    WCCA TV 13 to cable/webcast “Candidate Profile: City Council” WCCA TV 13 presents β€œ Candidate Profile 2013:City Council β€œ as a part of the station’s continuing Voter Education Programming. This series is hosted by the station’s Executive Director, Mauro DePasquale. Presented in three parts the program will feature interviews with participating Candidates for Worcester’s City […]


    Congratulations to WCCA TV’s “SeniorSpeak” hosts! They have nearly completed their 500th show! This is one of cable television’s most watched and entertaining and informative shows and it’s a WCCA TV production. Thanks to all involved in the production. Currently facilitated and produced in partnership with WCCA, Bill Hamilton. The show is also aired on […]

  • Coming soon on WCCA TV. WCCA TV Voter Education programming featuring many candidates for Worcester’s City Council

    Portraits of Worcester City Council Candidates participating on SOAPBOX

  • Tiger Cubs Occupy WCCA TV 13 Studios. YOUTH MEDIA RULES at WCCA TV 13 !

    Tiger Cubs from Brimfield Mass occupied WCCA TV 13 studios last night ( May 22,2013) to learn about TV production. The tour included hands on experience in our control room, and the Michael Bafaro Studio A. WCCA TV Youth Coordinator Chelsea, talked about the many year round after school TV and Media production workshops and […]


    WCCA TV13 Newsletter, May 2013 All Happening at WCCA TV A WCCA TV Special Presentation: WCCA TV recently conducted a ‘TV13 Open Mic’ on the subject of the Slot Parlor/Hotel Project proposed in Worcester. A number of Worcester area residents participated at the open-mic event and expressed their opinion on the matter. This program will […]

  • Do want to see what EMPOWERING TV is ? Watch WCCA TV 13

    What’s on WCCA TV 13? Plenty of great local programming and in studio educational activities! Young people explore the art Comedy and video production, producing hilarious skits, musical acts and more…by kids for kids . . .that’s “Wacky Factory” and that’s on WCCA TV Ch. 13. “Bioneers” is a program that exists to inspire a […]



    1. Our mission is centered upon empowering those who reside, study or work in Worcester and beyond. 2. Since 1986, WCCA TV continues to be a COMMUNITY ANCHOR INSTITUTION for MEDIA DEMOCRACY and CREATIVE INNOVATION. WCCA is a 501(c)(3) Charitable organization. Our life line funding does not come from City tax coffers, we are funded […]