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WCCA TV Launches “FRONT ROW” Local Arts and Culture and the back stories behind them

We are excited to announce the first edition of FRONT ROW episode #1 has been posted on the WCCA website at

The premier episode of Front Row! Front Row, an original WCCA TV production, takes you on location with an intimate and up close and personal view of art and artists and gives you a better than front row seat to the stories, backgrounds, and , at time, the art it self. Episode 1 features the inaugural Production team of Producers Mauro DePasquale (host) Executive Director of WCCA and Producer Adam Rice (WCCA TV) as they interview cast member of the touring musical “The King and I” , Kavin Panmeechao who portrays “Lun Tha” at the Hanover Theatre in Worcester.

Enjoy !

Bill Coleman looks back on the life of Senator Edward W. Brooke, R. MA

This is the Life #30“, with host, William Coleman, III., looks back on the life of Senator Edward W. Brooke. R. Massachusetts whom Mr. Coleman was senate aid to in Washington in 1976.

Senator Edward W. Brooke was the first Black American elected to the United States Senate by popular Vote in 1966.
He was also the first Black American Attorney General in US History. Senator Brooke died in January of 2015
and is buried in Arlington National.

This will be seen exclusively on WCCA TV cable channel 194 and at wccatv.com

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On the local election front

A WCCA TV camera was there and it might be fun to watch this and form your own opinion ( soon to be aired on WCCA TV and at wccatv.com :

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NEW VOICES AWARDs Singing Competition produced by WCCA TV is casting for the 2015 edition. Singers between the ages of 14 and 19 are encouraged to register for televised auditions which will be held on November 5th, 2015. Contact joseph@wccatv.com today.

Our friends at the RADAR announce their competition:
There are only 25 days left for young musicians under the age of 21 to enter The New England RADAR Award presented by Pavoh and The New England Music Awards (NEMA) at a special event in February 2016! This year will bring new prizes and even better gigs!

RADAR Award Submission Form

Singing is good for you and as you may remember from WCCA TV’s New Voices 2014 Worcester area has many talented young singers.

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Smile today is a good day if you want it to be.
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