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So if you want to make a movie set in the 1970’s WCCA has the building for your next scene.

The word is film Director when David O. Russell was casting sets for his movie based on the 1970’s FBI sting operation in the 1970’s ABSCAM which led to the conviction of United States Congressmen. Guess the obvious location?

How about WCCA TV 13’s beautiful 1970’s style building at 415 Main Street and the block we are on? You guessed it! Should we be happy our plans for that facade renovation has been slightly delayed? We expect WCCA TV facade will be transformed perhaps into a 1970’s style Theater.

The movie will feature Jennifer Lawrence, Bradly Cooper, Christian Bale, Amy Adams, Louis C.K. and others, is currently shooting and will be shooting in Worcester very very soon.

take out your 70’s knickers, velvet pants and Dorothy Hamel wings.

WCCA TV members will be standing by to sigh autographs. Cool !