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THIS WEEKS PICKS ON WCCA TV see our listing in the T&G


Mon Nov. 12 at 10pm

“Bandedge” recorded at the WCCA TV studio in Worcester, features local organist, Scott Olson.

Tue Nov. 13 at 7pm

“Connecting the Dots” hosted by attorney, Liz Myska, is a non-traditional legal program with the emphasis on the attorney as a trusted advisor.

Wed Nov. 14 8:30pm

“Soapbox”, hosted by Mauro DePasquale, will feature Richard Gonzalez of Net Compassion, a faith based collaborative effort of volunteer groups bringing vital support services to people in need in our city.

Thur Nov. 15 10:30pm

“Got It Covered” hosted by Victor Infante features Sean Ryder as he performs My Best Friend by Air Supply.

Sat, Nov. 17 8:30pm

What It’s Worth hosted by Tommy Collettta will feature Emily Rosenbaum, the Executive Director of the Worcester JCC to discuss the JCC gym.

Sun., Nov. 18 10:00pm

“Coffee with Konnie” features local politician , Konnnie Lukes, as she interviews various citizens of Worcester in local area coffee shops

On WCCA TV Worcester cable channel 194 and at wccatv.com

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Father’s Fest at Institute Park a real fun time thanks to the Worcester COunty Fathers & Family Network


Fathers Fest 2016 has been posted on the WCCA website at http://www.wccatv.com/video/specials/FATHERSFEST2016
WCCA TV was again a media sponsor for the annual Father’s Fest at Institute Park in Worcester in June 2016 by Worcester County Father’s
and Family Network. There was food, live entertainment, games and more – fun for the whole family.

The Worcester County Fathers & Family Network is made up of community organizations, professionals, and fathers who promote responsible fatherhood and raise community awareness of the importance of fathers in the lives of their children with an emphasis on improving parenting, enhancing fathers’ self awareness, and expanding opportunities for training and employment to fulfill fathers’ personal and financial responsibilities of caring for children.

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