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WCCA TV 194 and Worcester Magazine Present: WORCESTER VOTES 2015, AN EVENING WITH THE CANDIDATES FOR MAYOR. On Wednesday, OCTOBER 7th, at 7 PM, join the WCCA TV Executive Director, Mauro DePasquale, and the Worcester Magazine editor, Walter Bird Jr., for a debate on the issues facing Worcester and a closer look at the three candidates vying for mayor, as we head into the November 3 general election. Incumbent Mayor Joe Petty, At-Large Councilor Mike Gaffney and At-Large candidate Bill Coleman have been invited to take part in an intimate, live televised and webcast debate in the studios of WCCA TV. The debate will be also covered live online at www.wccatv.com and at www.worcestermag.com . Although it’s a closed set. Everyone can catch this exciting event on cable channel 194 in Worcester, and watch it streaming live at wccatv.com. Worcester Magazine will also cover this and provide a live action blog. WCCA TV intends to also archive this debate on its webpage for future On Demand viewing.

Another CANDIDATE OPEN MIC will be held at the studios of WCCA TV on Wednesday, OCTOBER 14th, at 5:30 PM. WCCA TV invites ALL candidates for City Council and School Committee to attend our Candidate Open Mic. Candidates will appear on a ‘First Come, First Serve’ basis and given up to 5 min to speak freely about their platform. Candidate Open Mic is part of the WCCA TV ‘Voter Education Project’. This event will be televised on WCCA TV 194 and on www.wccatv.com streaming live and on-demand. For more information contact Mauro DePasquale at 508-755-1880 or email him at mauro@wccatv.com , and be sure to leave your contact information. We urge all voters to attend or watch, as well as to make the effort to vote on November 3. Thank you for your support!

WCCA TV volunteers and other community members have been capturing and submitting other “Candidate” events, debates and festivities and submitting them to WCCA TV for cable and webcast. These can all be seen on cable ch 194 in Worcester and at streaming at wccatv.com .

Check our listings or call us for further details. Please do not forget to VOTE ON NOVEMBER 3, 2015 at WCCA TV: TV BY THE PEOPLE, OF THE PEOPLE , FOR THE PEOPLE , is the place where YOUR VOICE MATTERS !