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Enter to win tickets to Sugarland concert

WCCA TV’s Video Jam Country show has partnered with Sugarland and you could win tickets to see their highly anticipated return to the stage at the DCU Center on Friday September 7th!

To enter send an email to tracy@wccatv.com with the subject “Why I love WCCA TV”. Tell us why you love WCCA TV and you’ll also be entered to win Sugarland’s new CD and an Audio Technica Turntable!

Grand prize includes Four tickets to see Sugarland – One Audio Technica Turntable – Two Sugarland CDs

Contest ends Thursday, September 6, 2018.

Downtown Worcester Arts Community Happening at WCCA TV

Located in the center of Worcester’s downtown Theater District is WCCA TV, since 1986. We moved to 415 Main street in 1998, we were here when most of the City’s downtown was at it’s worst with little else happening and in great need of revival. We are strong advocates for our public access mission. We are TV BY FOR and OF THE PEOPLE !


We helped bring vibrancy and life to our neighborhood by offering video creatives an space to work in to tell and share their stories or for non profit entities, and others, to reach out to a wide audience. We are a place for creativity, exploration, sharing , and story telling. Expressing it all in a sort of virtual electronic park. Where everyone is invited to play and create. A virtue common place.

WCCA TV is proud of our work and mission. WCCA is a source of empowerment for the disenfranchised. Whether it is helping to develop audiences for various community purposes, or to highlight artist achievement, in virtually any genre, or elevating many community organizations, we are meeting that need in a unique way, open to all.

WCCA TV is also much more. A premier center form media literacy, and media democracy, we are also inclusive, participatory and a vibrant creative space, dedicating to nurturing a diversity of content creation and where storytelling floursihes. It is all shared broadly to large audiences via cable channel 194 or on-line on multiple world wide platforms. We are also documenting and curating community history in making.

WCCA is one of the most continually creative, cultural spaces in Worcester where 100% of our programing reflects our community who create the content themselves. Meaningful media with intention that values community over profits.

The People’s Channel needs you. To participate, to be a part of the conversation that is Worcester, to create, or to watch and or to support this cultural WORCESTER centered mission.

Last but not least, we are most grateful to the community we serve and to the City leadership for supporting our mission, and also thankful for ALL who volunteer and provide sustainable support to maintain and uphold our mission.


See you on WCCA TV 194 or on line at wccatv.com or anywhere on social media.

Les Stroud writer and performer of “How Long” video and cover of Joni Mitchell’s “BIG YELLOW TAXI” expresses his appreciation of WCCA TV’s VIDEO JAM

Les Stroud writer and performer of “How Long” video and cover of Joni Mitchell’s “BIG YELLOW TAXI” expresses his appreciation of WCCA TV’s VIDEO JAM to the shows producer Tracy Foley

“Hey There Tracy

I just wanted to personally thank you for the support you have been showing my video for “How Long” on Video Jam on WCCA TV. I’m honoured and greatly appreciative! With the release of the Bittern Lake album, the launch of the “How Long” video and now also the new video for the cover of Joni Mitchell’s “Big Yellow Taxi”, we’re well on our way to continuing the mission of pushing this music and the message that comes with it. A message of re-connecting to, celebrating and protecting nature. I have a brand new studio album waiting in the wings (featuring Slash on guitar) that was also produced by legendary producer Mike Clink so I will be excited to keep up the energy and continue creating as much as possible.

Thanks so much!

Keep on rockin’ with VIDEO JAM excursively on WCCA TV 194/wccatv.com

WCCA TV and Herb Alpert in the music world news

Herb Alpert’s music team thanks WCCA TV !
Hi Tracy,
This is Jimmy Brunetti from Croshal Entertainment Group and Herb Alpert Presents. I just wanted to send you a quick note to say thank you for programming Herb’s latest video, “What A Wonderful World”. We really appreciate your support!

VIDEO JAM is a WCCA TV production seen exclusively on WCCA TV 194 in Worcester and around the world at wccatv.com

It’s All Happening at WCCA TV

WCCA TV BandEdge places the spotlight on the music on the performing artist.

WCCA TV’s BandEdge is a TV show that show cases and pushes performers and their music, ONE Act at a time. Each entire episode is about one act or artist. As a non-profit venture, it is not about pasting the Host all over the screen or logo, nor is it about exploiting sponsors. BANDEDGE as in WCCA’s VIDEO JAM is musicians telling their story through the music they play.

Band Edge #68 featuring singer songwriter ” Andy Brink ” is the featured artist on this episode which has been posted on the WCCA website at

Band Edge is a WCCA TV13 produced local music show shot live spotlighting Worcester area bands, solo singer/songwriters, and instrumentalist. Singer Songwriter Andy Brink is fantastic enjoy !

The Producers of BandEdge welcome all sorts of artist from various genres. Artist submissions are ongoing. Contact Mauro at 508-755-1880 for submission details.

Be seen world wide if you are a musical artist give WCCA TV a call. let’s add your star to our frontyard.

WCCA ‘s “NEW VOICES AWARDS 2015” showcases Worcester’s Talented Young Singers

The WCCA TV second season of the New Voices Vocal Talent Awards Show will premiere on WCCA TV Ch. 194 and stream live online at wccatv.com:
NEW VOICES STUDOSaturday, Dec. 26th 9:30am, 5pm and 9pm and Sunday, Dec. 27th at 9:30am, 5pm, and 11:30pm.
The winner(s) will be announced on Saturday, Jan. 2 @ 9:30am, 5pm and 9pm and Sunday, Jan. 3 at 9:30am, 5pm, and 11:30pm.

> New Voices is an annual WCCA TV production created, written and directed by Mauro DePasquale. It is a WCCA TV community youth programming project. Our goal is interface community and youth from a diversity of backgrounds and interests, particularly applications that relate to music and television.

Produced by a team that includes WCCA members of all ages, the focus of this program showcases young talent between the ages of 14-19.

More than a dozen singers applied and auditioned to further their musical experience and to compete for prizes donated from community members. Gift sponsors include free make- overs for semi finalist and finalist from LJ’s Hair Hop , a recording session from Starfleet Audio, an audition spot for Community Auditions Star of the Day, shot in Boston, gift certificates from Union Music, and cash awards from Music Revolt. The program is sponsored, in part, by Worcester Arts Council, a local agency, which is supported by the Massachusetts Cultural Council, a state agency, Kirby Foundation Fund, and the Hanover Insurance Group Foundation, and also by WCCA volunteers and interns.

Singers receive valuable insight and constructive critiques from a judges panel which includes industry professionals and accomplished peers.
The grand prize winner will also have an opportunity to serve as a judge in next year’s edition of New Voices. Judges this year included Arts and Entertainment writer, Victor Infante of the Telegram and Gazette, Cliff Goodwin, international professional guitarist and music producer, and Trinity Faith, the New Voices grand prize winner in 2014 who also became a finalist in the major market Community Auditions in Boston as a result of her win at WCCA TV.
News Voices TV crew also includes young student video and communications interns who are learning the craft of television production at WCCA TV .

WCCA TV is a non-profit charitable organization with a mission to empower individuals and to build community through electronic media since 1986. WCCA is an organization that stands for media democracy, media literacy and creative innovation.

For more information contact Mauro DePasquale, Executive Director, WCCA TV at 508-755-1880 ext. 11

WCCA TV News and Information Roundup: December 1, 2015

Young Singers ages 14 -19 compete in WCCA TV’s annual “NEW VOICES AWARDS” 2015.

This year it’s a bigger production featuring a new set by master craftsman at WBZ TV Mike Nosel.

WCCA TV shoots the semifinalist episode of NEW VOICES 2015 tonight. Congratulations to the fine singers who will be appearing on tonight edition of “NEW VOICES AWARDS 2015” at WCCA TV.

Winners compete for recognition in this prestigious competition plus amazing prizes all made possible from underwriters and sponsors: Worcester Arts Council, Union Music, Starfleet Recording Studio, Kirby Foundation, Music Revolt, Community Auditions Star of the Day NYC, LJ’s Hair Salon.

New Voices is a true community enterprise. Thanks also to local area music schools, music teachers, Youth Organizations, and the Worcester Public Schools.

Be sure to catch this fun and entertaining show in late December, only on WCCA TV cable channel 194 and also streaming at wccatv.com .

# # #
GREAT NEWS ! Congratulations !

The New England Patriots Difference Maker of the Week is Bill & Donna Moore
< http://www.patriots.com/community/volunteerism>
http://www.patriots.com/community/volunteerism (read article now) and in
print materials including Patriots Football Weekly, Patriots Game Day
magazine and website.

Bill & Donna Moore will also be recognized during a special ceremony at the
Patriots final regular season home game against the Tennessee Titans on
December 20, 2015

# # #
She writes,
“Please help me continue to expand a program with children as part of the public discourse by making a donation to the Center for Global Community and World Law? Your donation is tax deductible to the full extent of the law. To learn more about our philosophy, watch this short video

In his universal call to action to transform our world beyond 2015, United Nations
Secretary-General Ban Ki Moon says young people will be the torchbearers of the next
sustainable development agenda through 2030. I ask for your support in helping
children prepare for this challenging role.

Our torchbearers are Yeshi, Maia, Casey, Elliott, Olivia, Shane, Caleb, Caleb E,
Gong, Ding, Jonathan and the Nelson Place 3rd grade children. They told United
Nations Ambassador Anwarul K. Chowdhury about their climate change project. To see
their shows, visit this link on WCCATV

You can help awaken an expanding group to the wisdom of children, as we take it to a
larger audience, helping generations learn from one another. Children’s voices are
missing. I have pledged to be a listening and empowering ear for children while
keeping them safe from harm by using only their first names.

Contribute with your check payable to Center for Global Community and World Law, Inc
., mailed to 32 Hill Top Circle, Worcester, MA 01609. Or donate with Paypal on our
site by clicking the Donate button on this page

Founded in 1993 by Joseph Baratta, Ph.D. and myself, Center for Global Community and
World Law, Inc. is a 501(c)3 public charity and educational institution incorporated
in the State of New York and A Civil Society Organization in ECOSOC Consultative
Status at the United Nations.
To learn more, go to www.centerglobalcommunitylaw.org

You may also consider a donation as a gift that helps those on your holiday list to
support this effort too. We’ll send you a card to personalize for them, to show the
meaning of your gift to us, in their name. May this holiday season bring joy, love
and peace to you—and to all.

Virginia Swain
Executive Director, Co-Founder

# # #

WCCA has a new revised monthly e-newsletter. To receive a copy you need
to get added to the mailing list by visiting the WCCA website at
wccatv.com and clicking on “Join the mailing list” which will take you
to the signup form HERE
The People’s Channel. Contact the station and find out how you might qualify to be entered into a contest to win a nice prize by getting your friends to sign up for our e-news letter.

WCCA TV is a regional leader serving Worcester’s community media public access needs and an anchor institution that stands for Media Democracy, Media Literacy and Creative Innovation. Learn Create and Connect at WCCA TV
For more information browse this website, watch our programming on cable channel 194 or here ( at wccatv.com) , streaming live or “On-Demand”, and or contact Mauro DePasquale our Executive Director. We offer community volunteer memberships, special sponsor membership plans for businesses, Workshops and training for ALL ages, and whole lot more. Get involved, create, network, share your story, opinions, and fresh ideas on “THE PEOPLE’s CHANNEL” WCCA TV

Thanks for your support.
NOTE this blog may be updated and the views and opinions expressed in the news articles embedded herein are not necessarily those of WCCA TV, it’s Board of Directors, It’s Staff, It’s sponsors and associates.

MORE JAZZ ON WCCA TV 194 and at wccatv.com

If you love JAZZ you will not want to miss this month’s edition of Jazz from the ‘Combs,
featuring the Dick Odgren Trio with Bob Simonelli, Mark Halovnia and Dick Odgren . This program is produced at the Milford public access center.
Check out WCCA’s roster of local music shows: Video Jam, BandEdge and various music specials as well.
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BANDEdge Christmas Special

WCCA TV 13’s “BANDEdge Christmas Special 2013” has been released and posted on the WCCA website for ON-DEMAND viewing at

The show will be running throughout the Christmas week. Check WCCA TV or wccatv.com for listings.

Band Edge is a WCCA TV13 produced local music show shot live
spotlighting Worcester area bands, solo singer/songwriters, and
instrumentalist. This special Band Edge presentation – 60 minutes of
Christmas music featuring: Mauro and Peter DePasquale; the WPI Stage Band;
John Marderosian; The B Brothers, Clyde Wheatley and the Hog Brothers.
Thank you for supporting local music. To get your band seen contact mauro@wccatv.com subject WCCA TV BandEdge

In fact there will be a host of Holiday Specials on WCCATV 13. Holiday treats of programs ranging from cooking tips, music of all types, cultural and religious discussions, and more . Please tune in over the holidays and enjoy.
Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays !
See you on WCCA TV !


TV130912-22013 Youth Connections Program has been posted on the WCCA website at

The Youth Connections Program was a collaboratin with WCCA TV 13 and the MCAS Program of the Worcester Public Schools. The youth invovled wanted to explore and learn more about Worcester. While reading the book “3,000 Degrees”, the youth went to different historical locations, museums, and fire stations in Worcester. During the program, they interviewed Mayor Joseph Petty along with several firefighters who were at the Cold Storage Fire in 1999. Not only did they learn about Worcester, but they had a great time in the process!