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Technical Difficulty Update: Please Stand By

While WCCA TV engineers are repairing our automation system, you can watch WCCA TV on it’s free “ON-Demand” archive at wccatv.com

Thanks to our tech John, we are somewhat on the air. However our playback automation system seems to have failed. We are addressing that and hope to have the issue solved asap.

Please stand by and thank you.

WCCA presents “To Run or Not To Run”

WCCA presents a Soapbox Special edition. This educational one hour episode is moderated by Mauro  DePasquale with panelists, City Clerk, David Rushford, Educator and Court Administrator, Paul Lacava, and former Mayor of Worcester and host of the WTAG Levy Line, Jordan Levy. Learn the ins and outs of what it takes to run for a local office. On WCCA TV 13 and streaming live on wccatv.com on: Thursday May 5th & 12th at 10pm , Saturday, May 7th and 14th  at 10am , Sunday, May 8th and 15th  at 8:30pm .