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Cable Companies Threaten to de-fund free speech community public access television. Save your Public Access Centers.

We call upon the FCC to reject the proposal coming from Cable companies to defund our PEG channels.
PEG channels provide Cable customers with the only truly LOCAL programming on their cable systems, and, at the same time, empower their customers and build community through digital inclusion, and education and access to the tools and technology needed to participate in the media landscape, something found nowhere else. PEG stations are really more of a selling point, that offers an edge to cable subscribers, a gain that comes exclusively from Cable. Why are they not seeing that? To suggest PEG is a burden to cable companies is disingenuous at best. The cost for Dish and and Phone networks is currently about the same as Cable, so to suggest PEG provisions are driving up the cost of cable may also be disingenuous. What is provided to sustain PEG is given in exchange of rights of way. ROW is something that deserves due consideration in the FCC’s decision in this process. Additionally, it should be noted that under current congressional legislation the cost for PEG is not something that has to be passed on to subscribers, the cable companies choose to do so. Public Access in Worcester has a demonstrated growing need for community participation and mainly from the disenfranchised. What happens to these people? Where is their free speech?The FCC must see the proposed rule change coming from the Cable providers as a nothing more than a money grab. If any changes are needed the Verizons , Dish networks, and the Googles, that should be giving back to support PEG as well, in exchange for the rights of way that they also benefit from. Write to the FCC and share this comment.